Monoprice Workstream 2K Webcam

Webcams are not new, but they’ve grown immensely in popularity mainly due to people who had to either work from home or students who had to be home-schooled due to the pandemic. Though everyone is either back at physical work or school now, webcams are still pretty popular for use with streaming online for such services as YouTube, Twitch, etc. Choosing a webcam can be a daunting experience however as there are hundreds to choose from, but just know you don’t need to spend a lot to get your money’s worth. The Monoprice Workstream 2K Webcam with LED Light Ring is an example of a full-featured webcam that doesn’t break the bank.

The Workstream 2K Webcam is a one-piece unit meaning that the camera, stand, and cable is connected and do not come apart. The stand is adjustable to fit different monitor sizes but can also be mounted to a tripod if you want to use it on a table. The camera unit can be adjusted and can be either turned side to side or slightly angled up and down. It’s a pretty standard-looking webcam in terms of design, but what makes it different is the integrated LED light ring. What’s nice is that the LEDs are not software controlled and can be controlled via a button on the front with three different brightness settings.

With the Workstream 2K Webcam, you’ll also get a couple extras in the box. You’ll get a carrying case if you feel like taking the webcam with you somewhere or just want to store it away, and you also get a lens cover for privacy when you’re not using it.

Monoprice Workstream 2K Webcam

Features of the Workstream 2K Webcam includes a max resolution of 2592×1944 @30Hz, a built-in microphone, and an LED ring light with 3-levels of brightness. There are no drivers that need installing nor is there any software that needs to be installed. You basically just plug it in and it’s good to go with any software you already use. While the Workstream 2K Webcam is optimized for use with online meeting apps such as Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams, you can use it as a streaming cam as well.

Overall, the Workstream 2K Webcam is an excellent webcam mainly due to its higher resolution and use of the LED light ring for brighter video. I like that it comes with a privacy cover and a case for storage when not in use. I would have liked a detachable cable, but I guess with it attached, everything stays together. The price isn’t bad either at about $50 which is pretty good for a webcam in this category with a built-in light ring.

You can pick up the Workstream 2K Webcam on Amazon here.

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