Sony ECM-B10 Shotgun Mic Hero

Sony is not being shy about capturing the Creator market (I.e., vloggers, TikTokers, and other social video makers) and their latest accessory announcement, the Sony ECM-B10 ultra-compact shotgun mic is their latest product made for the social content creator. Here’s what we know so far. 

ECM-B10 Tech Specs via Sony 

  • 3-in-1 super-directional audio capture – Super-Directional, Unidirectional, and Omnidirectional 
  • Digital signal processing 
  • Multi Interface Shoe (MI) compatible for wireless connectivity 
  • ATT (attenuator) switch (0/10/20 dB). 
  • FILTER switch (noise cut / low cut / off) 
  • AUDIO LEVEL dial with AUTO/MAN (manual) switch 
  • DIGITAL/ANALOG switch 

Why This Matters 

More and more cameras are being designed with a flip-out screen that’s intended for self-monitoring (aka selfie styled video capture) but often that view is obstructed by the audio cable that’s needed to attach a proper microphone to your video rig. The Sony ECM-B10 allows cameras with Sony’s MI Shoe to wireless send audio to the camera – keeping that flip-out screen nice and visible.  

Additionally, the ECM-B10’s 4-microphone array is designed to maximize audio capture options being flexible enough to offer a total of three distinct pick-up patterns. The super-directional setting allows sound coming directly from in front of the lens (“What’s up YouTube!”) while suppressing any ambient sounds. The Unidirectional setting keeps the sound source in front of the camera, keeping sounds originating from the rear of the camera at a minimum. Last, the omnidirectional setting allows you to capture the full environment – to bring home the feeling of “being there.” 

The ECM-B10 is tiny in comparison to other shotgun mics, coming in under 2-inches in length and weighing only 2.6 ounces – keeping your bag light and not adding much weight to your gimbal (should you be shooting with one). Sony’s ultra-compact mic has some smart features including a digital signal processor to help filter out unwanted background noise and monitor sound levels.  

Pricing & Availability 

If you’re already shooting with a current Sony E-mount camera, chances are you can take full advantage of all the features in the ECM-B10. This ultra-compact shotgun mic is expected to be available starting in August 2022 and will have an MSRP of $250; you can learn more here.  

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