You wanna play a game that’s basically Red Dead Redemption meets God of War. Well, the wait is over because Evil West is that game. The newest western/vampire/monster third person action shooter from Focus Entertainment delivers some gunplay and action the likes of which I have not seen in a game in who knows how long.

Scheduled for a 9-20-22 release, Evil West is everything you want to see in an action game. Great lead character, great gameplay, fast paced action, weapons and violence. This game checks off every box and probably a few others. It’s great looking and if the gameplay is any indication, Evil West is going to be a sleeper hit in 2022, without a doubt.

Check out the gameplay video above and see for yourself. If you don’t wanna play this game after watching the gameplay then I don’t know what you’re into because this game looks every bit of incredible. Once again, It’s from the team at Focus Entertainment which is the same team responsible for Plague Tale: Requiem. So, you understand their pedigree. This game is multiplatform so it’ll be on Xbox, PS5, Steam and the Focus Ent Store for $49.99

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