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Motor-biking for kids has become increasingly popular, and more kids are participating in this activity. To avoid injuries, accidents, and other mishaps on the road, many countries’ laws have made it compulsory for children to wear protective gear such as helmets and safety harnesses while using their two-wheelers. 

Whether your little one is being driven on a two-wheeler or riding it himself, it is vital to invest in good-quality kids’ motorbike helmets. Wearing a helmet reduces the chances of head injury to a great extent. 

Many brands and manufacturers are selling this protective gear like hotcakes. Here are the five aspects to look for when you buy a helmet for your little one. 

The Safety 

Your child’s safety should be your topmost priority when you choose a helmet for them. Different types of helmets are available, marked as per the safety standard.

Ensure to check these marks/standards in detail before picking a helmet. Look into the features offered by the helmet. Some of the safety features include proper cushioning to absorb shock, a hard shell to withstand hard impact, and a soft inner lining. 

Type of Helmet 

Always choose the right kind of helmet, fulfilling the purpose of riding. For instance, if you choose a skating helmet instead of a helmet for a bike, it would not fulfil your kid’s purpose of wearing the helmet. Many options of biking helmets are available in the market. Always buy them over other alternatives. 

Biking helmets are single impact helmets designed for one hard fall. They are multisport helmets that your child can use for other purposes too. 

Size and Fit 

Always buy the right size and fit of the helmet while shopping for your little one. A right-sized helmet will fit on their head without any movement. The best way to find the right size is to measure their head size with a measuring tape and choose a helmet accordingly. Do not buy it if the helmet puts pressure on any point of your child’s head. 

It is also advisable to focus on the chin strap while buying the helmet. It should not be too tight; otherwise, it may become a little uncomfortable for your child. 

The Style 

Children, too, are fond of wearing everything stylish. Thus, buy a stylish helmet so that they wear it without making excuses. 

As style is subjective, it is good to let them choose what style of helmet they want to wear while riding on the road. The style should make them feel good about wearing a helmet. But remember not to overlook safety while choosing a particular design/style. 


Comfort plays a role when you choose a helmet for kids. This protective gear should not feel too heavy; otherwise, it may strain their neck. The helmet shouldn’t have sharp edges or annoying stitches inside. 

Ensure to buy gear that comes with the right amount of ventilation so that your child can wear it for a longer time. 

How to Make Your Child Wear a Helmet? 

  • Develop a habit of wearing a helmet in them whenever they ride a motorbike or bicycle. 
  • Tell the importance of wearing a helmet and how this gear protects everyone from grave injuries. 
  • Wear a helmet yourself when you ride a bike. Children learn a lot from their parents. 
  • Motivate their friends equally to wear a helmet. 
  • Reward them for wearing a helmet and riding responsibly. 


You will come across many fancy helmets for kids in the market at a low price, but never compromise quality for the price. Remember, a helmet is not just a biking accessory but a protective gear to keep your child safe. Always buy from a reliable source and check for certifications to ensure quality, durability, and strength.

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