Mobile Gaming has picked up over the past couple of years with not just the apps that are built specifically for your smartphones and tablets also the increase of cloud gaming from companies such as Sony, Amazon, and of course the leader of the pack which is Microsoft. With all the streaming you want to have the best connection with zero latency if possible while gaming and that’s where RiotPWR comes into play.


For starters, the first thing you will notice with this controller is its bold color scheme. RiotPWR did a collaboration with Pro Gaming League ESL to kick off their Spring Season last year. Controller face base of white while the back is in green. The triggers, D-Pad, and part of the analog are painted in yellow while black is covering the remaining buttons. The controller itself is very reminiscent of an Xbox controller so you already have one you will feel right at home. It does have a Type-C USB cable attached. On the bottom is an audio jack and Type-C USB port for keeping your device charged while playing if needed.

There is a removable spot cover right above the home button that allows for you to attach its included phone holster there. It is mostly white with little yellow accents and the ESL insignia branded across it. It is adjustable so you can position your phone in various positions which is good.

This controller is also available for iOS with a lightning cable

Performance / Usage

The RiotPWR ESL Gaming controller is realistically plug and play since its only wired. No Bluetooth synchronizing, no signal interferences. Connecting it to my Google Pixel 6 Pro and my Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 provided instant connection and usability.

I evaluated the controller with various apps to see what was compatible and what wasn’t. For starters I tried it with PS5’s Remote Play and it would not recognize it. It would display the onscreen touch controls.

Using it with Xbox’s Remote Play and their Xbox Cloud Gaming via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate fared better with results. Various games tested were Street of Rage 4, Mortal Kombat 11, Forza Horizon 4 and 5. Controls were on point and responsive which was a plus and didn’t really notice any delay at all with my movements. Driving in Forza was fluid while button combos in SoR4 and MK11 came thru with ease.

On the mobile side of things, I played Sonic 2, Crazy Taxi, Asphalt 8 which are downloaded from the Play Store while Fortnite was from Epic Games site and of course sideloaded since its not in the Play Store. Sonic 2 and Crazy Taxi which are Sega games played fine besides Sonic 2 keeping the on-screen analogs on screen. I also downloaded Street Fighter IV CE but didn’t recognize at all. Fortnite gave no issues which never seems to on any devices. I did test all these via my Pixel 6 Pro.

The RiotPWR ESL controller works great gaming wise. I am not a major fan of its D-Pad as its just too smooth and can be a bit noisy and clicky.

RiotPWR does advertise an app called Ludu Mapp which is supposed to point you in the direction of games that support the controller. I did manage to grab some of those mobile games from there but funny enough SF4 CE didn’t work and, I wish the app would launch a game if you already downloaded instead of taking you to the Play Store.


Over the past few weeks, I can say the RiotPWR ESL controller sets out what it meant to do and that is keep you connected. No lags, no latency and this is especially important when gaming especially streaming. It can be considered a bit pricey with its $70 price tag. You should feel right at home if you are already an Xbox user, I would like to see them make a style close to PlayStation controllers if possible.

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