If you’ve been following me since the beginning, you would know I have an affinity for Pro Controllers; Scuf was my first dabble with the Vantage series for the PS4 – oh how I love that controller with the side buttons near the bumpers. Of course, can’t use that controller with PS5 games and with no real official pro controller like Microsoft and their Elite Series, we have 2 leading companies that players can rely on: Scuf and HexGaming. I have my hands on the PS5 Reflex Pro. I was on the waiting list for a couple of months before I was able to buy it – thankfully Scuf is very good at shipping and delivery as I got my controller in a matter of a couple days. Let me tell you, I love it – a lot, despite the lack of software and trigger stops.

Quality of a Pro

The packaging is a lot tighter than the previous controllers – it doesn’t come with a carrying case which is a shame; had to buy that separately. You get the usual manual, a threaded USB Type C cable about 4ft long and additional joysticks to swap, but that’s about it. Pretty straight forward and nothing I am upset about.

The real prize of the package is the controller itself – my version is all black with rubberized grips and adaptive triggers intact. The controller comes with tight rear paddles that has hexagonal edging for better comfort and a center button that can cycle through 3 profiles, entirely operable from the controller itself. Each profile can save whatever remapped buttons you assigned for easy switching based on the games you play. This is the one overall advantage the PS5 Reflex Pro has over HexGaming’s Ultimate controller; both controllers feature 4 rear paddles that are comfortable, but I have to say, Scuf’s version is far more durable and has better placement. The inner dome of the controller also has its signature hexagonal design for better aesthetic.

The controller’s paddles and joysticks can be removed and replaced – although it is very sturdy and requires care and strength to adjust. I recommend waiting for a Youtube tutorial from Scuf showcasing replacements before you do it yourself as you may accidentally break the pieces – I surely didn’t try it.

Usage of the Gods

I have spent several hours with Reflex Pro playing on my PS5 and PC, and I absolutely love it. Barely left any finger markings in the matte finished controller, the grips didn’t feel cheap, and the paddles felt perfect – the paddle attachment doesn’t feel bulky at all either which is a major plus for me. It will be my default controller until something better launches from either HexGaming or Scuf. I do love the profile option on the controller. It is disappointing that the price tag is as steep as it is, and yet there’s no official software for it nor does it have trigger stops for that customization relief.

Scuf is offering 3 versions of their pro controller – Reflex, Reflex Pro and Reflex FPS which has the trigger stops. I recommend against the trigger stops as it may prove too tight where if your controller fell, it may permanently damage the triggers. Overall, players should absolutely love their purchase as this is top quality design – I just hope Scuf’s next iteration would lead to far more customization options for players including a tuning software.


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