These days, everyone needs some kind of power solution for all the gadgets we carry around. It’s no longer a question of if we need one but instead, which one do we need? Me for instance, I no longer carry a charger that has only a single charging port. To maximize space and minimize items that need to be carried, I use a multi-device charger now with several ports, like the Baseus PowerCombo 65W GaN III Pro Desktop Charger.

The Baseus PowerCombo is a charger with a built-in 4.9 FT extension cord. The front of the charger has two USB-A ports (1x5W + 1x60W) and two USB-C ports (2x65W). What makes the Baseus PowerCombo different from other chargers though are the two built-in power outlets for use with devices that do not use a USB connection for power or need more than 65W.

You can get full power plugging in one device into the USB ports, but if there’s more than one device, it will distribute power based on which ports you’re plugged into. The diagram above will show you the power distribution for each port and how many devices you use. The power outlets on the side though do not follow the power distribution chart and will provide full power if used.

In terms of look, the Baseus PowerCombo is compact and fairly attractive looking. I like the matte black finish and how heavy duty the cable and enclosure feel. The layout of all the ports and outlets is also very well thought out and the addition of an extension cable means you can use this on a desktop for easier accessibility. It’s also not quite as heavy as some other multi-device chargers I’ve used which helps reduce weight when carried.

The Baseus PowerCombo includes one extra USB-C cable but you’ll obviously need to provide other cables if you intend to use this with more than one device. The unit costs around $60 right now and seems like a great value considering that this also includes two power outlets which is something most other chargers do not.

You can grab yourself a Baseus PowerCombo 65W GaN III Pro Charger here on Amazon.

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