Sony took time to jump CES 2022 off with a major and welcome announcement. With the PS5 still being the most sought after device in all of gaming right now fans of the device and the Playstation ecosystem got a treat with Sony formally announcing their new VR headset aptly titled the Playstation VR2.

While everyone may not be into VR, we cannot deny it’s impact and growing popularity. The Oculus Quest 2 was easily one of the most purchased devices this holiday season so the timing is right for Sony to capitalize on that wave, not to mention their first VR headset was surprisingly popular. With that being said, Sony showed off the new “Sense 2” controllers you’ll be using with the Playstation VR2 but no visuals of the headset but I’m sure Sony will show it off once they have it fully fine tuned.

Even without showing off the headset we do know what to expect and it’s a lot. The Playstation VR2 headset will be feature packed boasting eye tracking, a high refresh rate and just a one cord connection to the PS5. The spec sheet is below

Display method: OLED

Panel resolution: 2000 x 2040 per eye

Panel refresh rate: 90Hz, 120Hz

Lens separation: Adjustable

Field of View: Approx. 110 degrees

Sensors — Motion Sensor: Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer) Attachment Sensor: IR Proximity sensor

Cameras: 4 cameras for headset and controller tracking, ?IR camera for eye tracking per eye

Feedback: Vibration on headset

Communication with PS5: USB Type-C

Audio — Input: Built-in microphone, Output: Stereo headphone jack

Sony also shocked the crowd by showing off one of its first launch titles to come with the new Playstation VR2. Horizon Call of the Mountain is the game that they showed off and it appears to kind of a side quest or additional element of the Horizon Forbidden West game coming soon this February.

If you by chance missed the Sony showcase at CES 2022 with the announcement of not only Playstation VR2 but Playstation updates and “Tournament” edition. Sony even showed off some new cars that they’ve been working on.

All in all. Sony is trying to start off the new year with some big things for the PS faithful and you gotta love it. As I said it’s a great time to be a gamer and it looks like VR is here to stay.

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