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Bingo is undoubtedly amongst one of the best and compelling games to play in the world. Amongst the reason why a huge population of people is turning to play bingo games is huge because of its capacity to turn your boredom time into fun time. There are no age barriers to playing the interesting game as it is very suitable and gives room to all age groups. The bingo games can also be played at Lightning Link Casino for players who would love to make real money from playing the game.

As a result of the rapid transformation in technology, bingo games have become more popular. This is very true due to many online bingo platforms that present you with numerous types of bingo games applications to download and enjoy the game at your convenience worldwide. An interesting thing about the online bingo game is that; you can play the game without having to play it with other players before you can enjoy it, which contrasts with the real bingo games.

To make the most of online bingo games, the players are expected to select their games, which depends on the variation on bingo games power-ups and bonuses. There are also big international organisations like Android that have tried to deliver free online bingo games to game lovers. This step by Android has made the game much more available as it can be easily downloaded for free and played for free online on apps.

If you are interested in downloading online games, you can easily access them on the play store on your android phone. Are you looking forward to playing online bingo games either for fun or as real money pokies; then take your time to go through this article as it provides you with some free online bingo games to play.

There are numerous bingo games that you can play for real money or just for fun; these games also have unique features. Below are some of the free online bingo games to play:

  • Bingo Heaven
  • Lucky Bingo
  • Bingo Blitz
  • Super Bingo HD
  • Bingo Gem Rush

Bingo Heaven

The bingo heaven has become one of the most well-known bingo games over the past couple of years. The super lucky casino created this game. From the onset of developing the game, the casino knew that it would amount to huge success for them. In confirmation of their trust and belief that the game would become a success, presently, the online bingo game has been downloaded by more than 5 million android users worldwide, and it can achieve this success, thanks to its exciting nature.

The game is highly rated on the android google play store amongst many apps on the platform. If you are interested in downloading the bingo heaven game, it can be easily downloaded using either apple or android devices. The bingo heaven provides its users with the opportunity to access many tournament rooms to win huge rewards that the game provides, especially jackpots.

Lucky Bingo

This bingo game is arguably one of the top-rated free online bingo games that you can download and play from the android google play store. The lucky bingo also boasts highly compelling bingo game forms: the live-action bingo, the bingo hall, the painfully slow bingo, and the instant bingo. Each form of bingo game gives something special to players. For example, although the bingo hell seems to be the hardest game to play, it boasts of giving the biggest gift to winners in terms of value.

Among the forms of bingo listed also, the live-action bingo seems to be the most friendly. In this form of lucky bingo games, the users or players can easily unlock different rooms with various amazing prizes while also communicating with other players freely. On the other hand, the painfully slow bingo from its names can be seen as a non-attractive game, as it also boasts of the fewest numbers of players in a day. In this game, players would have to check their winning status every day.

However, the last, being the instant bingo, allows players to monitor their progress, whether they have winnings within a very short period since it only involves playing traditional electronic bingo.

Bingo Blitz

The bingo blitz comes with exciting features, and one of them is; allowing the game lovers to gain maximum fun from the game since it makes it very easy for them to enjoy and interact with real-time multiplayer. This is made possible because it has more than 100 different rooms on the bingo site. Furthermore, a very interesting thing about the bingo blitz is that it can be connected with social media platforms like Facebook. As a result, many Facebook users who love the game can easily kill their boredom by playing the interesting bingo game without difficulty.

You can also buy power-ups to boost your chances of winning in the game, though it’s unnecessary to win since you can also win without them. Another amazing feature about this game is that it allows users to send or receive gifts from other players, making it more fun for players within the same social circles.

Super Bingo HD

Although it is just introduced into the bingo games world, it comes with amazing features for bingo game lovers to explore. The game also supports multiplayer to promote a thrilling experience while playing the game. In this game, each level requires gaining maximum experience points, and also, you get to receive a lot of collectables as you play, which also makes the games more interesting. The super bingo HD game also contains many customisation options included in its features which allows players to play about four cards at once, which is not the same with other games.

With all these features, players are more glued to playing this game. The game is very suitable for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Bingo Gem Rush

This game is arguably among the special bingo games that you can find out there. It is unique because it provides players with a fresh feel to an otherwise bingo gameplay experience by spicing up a game with amazing features. An amazing feature of the bingo Gem rush game is that it allows players to play and enjoy as many games they want to enjoy with their friends or alone while not fearing time running against them or encountering artificial barriers of entry in contrast with other games.

The bingo Gem rush game is undoubtedly one of the bingo games that would offer you excitement while playing and is very suitable for bingo lovers who seek to enjoy the game.


Online bingo games are much more popular today and are widely played by many bingo lovers worldwide. The free online games come in different types or forms, as reviewed above, to allow you to pick the one that interests you most. Moreover, the games can be played for free or for real money. Another amazing feature of the games is that they can be easily downloaded on the Android Play Store or IOS.

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