Power A Fusion Pro 2 Xbox Series X|S Controller

Most people when they have a console and need extra controllers, usually go for the first-party option. That means if you have an Xbox Series X|S for instance, more than likely, you’d pick up the official Xbox Series X|S controllers from Microsoft. This usually isn’t a bad option seeing as they don’t really cost that much if you find them on sale, but what if you want the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller? We’re talking about $180 for one controller which isn’t an option for some users. That’s why Power A has a more affordable alternative with the Power A Fusion Pro 2 controller for the Xbox Series X|S, a similarly styled and functioning Pro controller for only $90.

The Power A Fusion Pro 2 isn’t an exact copy of the Xbox Elite Controller 2 however. While similarly shaped, it takes most of its inspiration from the regular Xbox controller with smoother lines. Not only that but there are also elements here taken from the older Xbox One controller design as well which I’ll explain.

Power A Fusion Pro 2 Xbox Series X|S Controller

You see, the Power A Fusion Pro 2 is basically the same controller as the previous Fusion Pro controller, but with only some slight design changes and added features. Most notable is the addition of the Xbox Series X|S Share Button and the addition of a new Volume/Mute rocker. The underside programmable paddles here are also a tiny bit larger than before. Aside from that, this is pretty much the same exact controller as before.

That’s not a bad thing because it’s a design that works well and is comfortable to hold. It’s one that is already familiar to many. So now let’s go through the features that make this controller a
“Pro” controller. For starters, there are the obvious paddles on the back which are attached to the Mappable Pro Pack. These paddles can be used as-is or you can remove them to suit your needs. Next up is the three-way trigger locks that adjust the level of depth you need to press on the triggers. Lastly, you can swap out the thumbstick with the included extra ones which are longer and one of them features a convex thumb pad.

Aside from those Pro features, the Power A Fusion Pro 2 also allows you to swap faceplates, as there is an extra one included in the package that is white in color. You can also completely remove the Mappable Pro Pack from the rear if you don’t want to use the paddles at all. There are also dual rumble motors and magnetic impulse triggers. For comfort and grip, there’s a generous amount of rubber cladding in the palm areas. One distinction from the more expensive Xbox Elite Controller is that the Fusion Pro 2 is only a wired controller. It includes a detachable USB-C cable which you’ll need to use. Some people actually prefer a wired controller because it reduces input lag.

You might be wondering, just how do you program the paddles on that back? Power A actually makes this process very simple and no software is required at all. All you need to do is hold down the Program button on the back until the light on the front starts flashing. Click the button you want to be mapped, and then tap the paddle you want to map this button to. That’s it. Do this for the rest of the paddles you want to use. You can do this on the fly while you’re playing too.

Now I should note that the Power S Fusion Pro 2 isn’t just a controller for Xbox Series X|S though. It can also be used for Xbox One as well as PC. You won’t be able to use the Share Button however on PC.

Power A Fusion Pro 2 Xbox Series X|S Controller

Overall, the Power A Fusion Pro 2 is a solid controller. It seems to be built really well and has some decent heft to it. The rumble motors are strong and all the buttons seem quite responsive. Yes, it would have been nice if it were wireless, but I can do without that if it does indeed reduce input lag. I also really appreciate the customizable nature of the controller and how I can tailor it to my needs for any specific game. So for anyone who has ever dreamed of owning an Xbox Elite Controller, but couldn’t quite bring themselves to spend that type of money, you have a reasonably priced alternative here with the Power A Fusion Pro 2.

The Power A Fusion Pro 2 is available now on Amazon.

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