iLIVE 40" HD Sound Bar with Bluetooth

Do you know what’s funny? The fact that television technology has been improving year after year with picture quality that’s better than real life, yet the audio coming from these TVs are absolutely horrible still. Most new televisions require external speakers and sound systems of some sort to really enhance the viewing experience which is why I guess soundbars are such great sellers. Soundbars like the iLIVE 40″ HD Sound Bar with Bluetooth are popular because of their compact size and amazing sound when compared to traditional audio systems that require many speakers and a receiver. These are just easier to install and usually a lot more inexpensive.

iLIVE 40" HD Sound Bar with Bluetooth

The iLIVE 40″ HD Sound Bar with Bluetooth is an all-in-one unit that includes 2.2 channel stereo sound coming from two built-in 3.5 x 1.97″ stereo speakers as well as two built-in 3″ subwoofer speakers. While that doesn’t really sound like much, I can tell you that this soundbar is loud. Like very loud. Even at its lowest setting, it seems louder than my TV I’m testing it on ever sounded. The highs are crisp and clear while the bass is pretty deep and thumpy. Even playing games like Call of Duty with this on is a completely different experience. This already 100% sounds better than anything my TV ever produced in terms of audio quality.

What you’ll like about the iLIVE 40″ HD Sound Bar with Bluetooth are the connection options. It has an optical audio input, RCA stereo input, a coaxial audio input, an AUX jack, and Bluetooth. You’ll also like that this can be either placed on a table or mounted on a wall. There’s also a remote to control the source and volume, and if you lose the remote, there are controls on the side of the soundbar.

What you might not like is the gloss black finish on the all-plastic body. It’s very hard to keep this clean from fingerprints to oily smudges, dust, and even cat hairs. The iLIVE 40″ HD Sound Bar will get dirty. I wish it were more of a matte finish which would have been much easier to take care of.

iLIVE 40" HD Sound Bar with Bluetooth

Aside from that, I’m just really happy that this thing works as it should and sounds really good. I no longer have to suffer through inadequate television audio and can finally hear dialog in movies now without the need to use closed captioning. It can get so loud in fact that you can use it to fill a room with music if you’re hosting a party and it’ll sound just as good as any dedicated music speaker.

So with that said, the iLIVE 40″ HD Sound Bar with Bluetooth is a great buy for the price and will enhance everything from movies to TV shows to gaming. You can get yourself one on Amazon here.

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