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Electric motorsport- an entertaining and thrilling category of motorsports that makes vehicle competition all about the exciting racing of different series in electric-powered vehicles. Whether your best bet lies within your open-series or all-electric series, it’s a test of the best power trains around.

Jaguar, Tesla, Porsche, and BMW- These are some of the best brands today that make a point to bring the auto-racing industry to its knees with the shift towards a promising electric future.

It’s called Formula E. It’s an electrified version of the traditional Formula 1 racing that’s a new and interesting approach to motorsports that’s further advanced to the conventional motorsports category that already exists, which is probably why it’s become a massive rival to Formula 1 racing

Electric Motorsports- What’s New?

You’d think that this new introduction to motorsports does it on purpose to become a significant rival to Formula 1 racing suddenly, but this isn’t the case. In fact, electric motorsports have made it a point to be very different from Formula 1 racing.

The most obvious detail that we have noticed to have set Formula E apart from Formula 1 is that the electric motorsport has moved away from offering itself in the traditional single-seater racing arrangement in the series.

Instead, Formula E has taken a different approach to what you’d typically find with the more older race series inventions that have landed on the market in recent years. You can’t help but feel like a player who’s just discovered new casino bonuses, promotions and giveaways.

From the battery format and single-make chassis to the sleek exterior design that provides a modern touch to race vehicles, Formula E offers a competitive streak that can’t help but have its competitors want to focus more on their powertrain software and hardware than anything else.

Launched in Beijing in 2014, Formula E has had nothing but a successful time in its industry with six consecutive successful years so far. But what’s to love about it? It’s simple- Formula E capitalizes on making each part of its body a resourceful and efficient piece of work that can only remain unmatched and highly competitive in its league.


In your more typical combustion-engine race car, the powertrain structure of the vehicle is more focused on gearbox, fuel tank, electronics, and engine. But this is very different when it comes to an electric car.

This is because electric vehicles focus more of their attention on their basic layout. Its battery lies parallel to its fuel tank, which allows for the vehicle’s energy to be stored well. Even though the battery is heavier in weight, the car is designed so that it doesn’t get lighter during the race, as you would find with a fuel tank.

Within the vehicle’s powertrain structure, it all works to offer a genuine advantage in having it behave like a generator which allows for electric energy to flow into the battery, which is fantastic when aiming to boost power to the vehicle.

For even more outstanding power performance, the front regen unit will be launched in the car to offer a four-wheel driving experience which will allow for torque vectoring.


The battery to a Formula E car is everything. Designed to remain the core of the vehicle’s powertrain, the battery remains situated right in the middle of the race car to offer a Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS) or traction battery, as others may say.

The battery to the electric motorsport comes with an electronic management system so each cell of the car can be monitored to evaluate the temperature, voltage, and state of charge. Yes, the battery works as a perfect fueling agent to exert the energy needed, but it also works to ensure that the car and driver are kept safe through applied safety measures.


With the plan to lighten the battery weight of Formula E race cars, the loss in stored energy will allow for an even greater opportunity for energy-boosting through more rear axle regenerative systems in braking.

But this doesn’t end here because it also intends to introduce two new technological approaches, which include recharging that can be done during the race, and an energy recovery system linked to the car’s front wheels. For this reason, these new releases will no longer require rear disc brakes.

In Conclusion

There’s a lot more to Formula E with each detail to uncover, but with each part we explore, it’s clear to see that this approach to motorsports still has loads to show us in the near future.

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