It’s been over 2 years since the new normal for businesses to Zoom call one another – as an Audio Visual Technician for a law firm, nothing was more prevalent than to ensure the ease of transition of all the everyday use of technology, into personal office spaces. This brought a lot of challenges regarding microphone, video and lighting issues. Neat Microphone designed their new Skyline microphone with those challenges in mind – and with its sleek thin look, it works well when trying to be incognito of techs covering the virtual screen.

It’s Clear

One of the main focal point for me is its simple plug and play philosophy – it works as intended when connecting to the computer, and VC software like Zoom and Webex recognizes the connection immediately. Skyline uses a USB type C connector to power the microphone as well as making it live. There’s one simple button with a LED rim indicator for mute and unmute.

The audio quality is crispy with a sample rate of up to 96 kHz – this cardioid directional microphone can pinpoint your voice from a distance of 10 feet from what I tested. Truly, I was delighted with the quality of audio alongside it’s simplicity.

The overall design is trying to go for a more minimalist perspective, though the Neat logo can be a bit intrusive to the eyes – the materials is of hard plastic that is surprising light, but it does feel a bit cheap; I do fear that if it drops from table height a couple of times, it can break into pieces.


For those who are simply looking to get a device that can work well with their workspace design, have an excellent audio quality and wants a plug-n-play connection, Skyline would be an excellent fit to their VC criteria. However, durability can be a bit worrisome for those who are in constant move with their set up – so I would take that into consideration when decided to opt for Skyline.


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