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For most students, the library is the go-to space for studying. It’s quiet, spacious, and has less distraction. However, some students prefer to study in their dorm rooms; after all, it’s the one place where they spend a bigger portion of their time apart from classes. According to recent research, more than 40% of first-year students prefer to live on campus.

Living in a dorm or hostel comes with the responsibility to make your space comfortable and practical for studying. So how do you create a great study space in a hostel? Read on to find out.

Make Minimalism Your Friend

Minimalism is all about focusing on less to help combine functionality and a peaceful environment. Minimalism is also great for small spaces, which is a common thing in college dorm rooms. This means removing anything that is not used daily and items that aren’t essential. If you can’t get rid of some things for sentimental value, then keep them away hidden in a closet or wardrobe. A cleanroom means a clear space and an open and calm environment for studying.

Minimalism is beneficial for stress management, finances and improves focus and productivity. An organized study space means fewer distractions (clothes lying around) and a better focus. In fact, research from Harvard shows that people with an uncluttered space can complete a challenging task faster than those in a chaotic environment.

A Comfy Study Desk is Essential

With a clean and relaxing room, you are more likely to sit hours on end studying. However, for a long study session, you need a chair that supports your body and prevents unwanted aches. A high back chair with an adjustable headrest will help meet your long-hour study as it can be configured to offer full-body support.

A high curved backrest that conforms to the shape of the spine will minimize spinal pressure. A good study desk allows a student to sit for long hours and concentrate without feeling uncomfortable. When selecting an ergonomic chair, ensure it is durable and fits the space available without crowding the room.

Install Good Lighting

It will be hard to read samples from an essay writer if the study area has poor lighting. You won’t need to strain your eyes to see your study material or what you are writing with good lighting. If it’s impossible to change the lighting in the room, invest in a good desk lamp to illuminate the task at hand and make it easier for a student to see clearly and comfortably. Placing your study desk closer to the window allows more natural light to illuminate the space but ensure it doesn’t cause a glare on your laptop screen.

Bring More Personality to the Room

A study room that reflects your personality is more likely to make you happy and motivate you to spend more quality time in it. Most students refrain from decorating their rooms because they believe it’s an expensive affair. However, a student on a budget can add personality to their study room. It can be as simple as adding a vintage mirror, cute behind-the-door storage, colorful wall hooks, or decorative furniture with integrated storage. The trick is to add a timeless piece and make it a focal point.

Invest In Quality Noise Cancellation Headphones

Loud music coming from students next door to heavy traffic in the morning hours, dorm rooms tend to be loud. It can also occur at a time when you want to study. Furthermore, most dorm rooms have an open plan which can be a source of distraction. You will never have to worry about your roommate making noise or loudness from next door with noise cancellation headphones. You can study without any distractions.

Keep Study Items at Close Proximity

You are likely to waste time looking for your study material if your room is disorganized. To study effectively, keep all study material nearby. This includes pens, textbooks, and a writing pad. Another crucial study item that helps to study better is an analog clock. With a clock on your study desk, you won’t be tempted to check your social media when looking at the time or get distracted by notifications. Placing your phone away from the study desk is a great strategy for eliminating distractions so that you can study. Overall, a space free of distraction will motivate you to study in a dorm room more and get your schoolwork done.

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