If you missed the today’s incredible Xbox 20th Anniversary celebration online then you missed the biggest announcement and arguably the best part of the show. HALO INFINITE MULTIPLAYER is LIVE!!!

Halo Infinite multiplayer is still in beta technically and Xbox is allowing for gameplay a month before schedule and it was kind of in the rumor lexicon for the past 24hrs. If you’re fortunate enough to get in to play it should be a great experience. I can assure you though, that before you get in you’ll be met with long wait times and crashes. So, if you’re trying to play multiplayer. Don’t try to jump in right away. Give it a couple of hours and then give it a shot.

Today is a great day to be a Halo player. A great day to be an Xbox player and a great day to be a gamer. Enjoy Halo. I’ll be on, so if you wanna game with the kid GeekLifeMB is my Xbox gamertag. I look forward to playing with whomever. If you want to watch the Xbox 20th celebration we got the video above. Enjoy

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