Gamesir T4 Mini

When it comes game controllers for your Nintendo Switch, you actually have quite a few 3rd-party options. However, a quick scan through Amazon show that most of these are just variations of the same design and shape. If you’re not a fan of these because maybe your hands are too small or maybe you want something a bit smaller for portability, then you should check out the new Gamesir T4 Mini. While this is a multi-platform gaming controller, its main focus is that of the Nintendo Switch, as can be seen by its Nintendo Switch focused buttons. This is a smaller controller with a shortened palm grip, a slightly narrower body, but not lacking in any of the functionality.

Gamesir T4 Mini

Starting things off, the Gamesir T4 Mini does look smaller than most Nintendo Switch controllers you see. This is obvious in the fact that it has shortened palm grips and overall just feels smaller in your hands. Not only does it feel narrower by a small amount, but it also doesn’t feel as chunky. Button placement however is very much classic Nintendo Switch and there are even some fairly good-sized shoulder buttons and triggers.

The joysticks feel nice and firm and have a nice spring back feel with a concave thumb rest for better comfort and grip. The d-pad is “t” shaped and also feels really firm. Both feel very good. The A,B,X,Y buttons look really cool and are clear with the letters printed deep inside the buttons. The letters disappear at certain angles and it’s honestly a really neat-looking design element that I haven’t really seen before.

In my hands, the Gamesir T4 Mini does feel a little small, but for portability, I’ll take the slight drop in comfort.

Anyways, with the Nintendo Switch, you’ll have to make sure you’re not on airplane mode in order to use it. Pressing the Home button will wake your Switch and when your Switch goes to sleep, it will also shut down the controller automatically. What I like about this is that the Gamesir T4 Mini does not turn on by itself unless you hold down the home key again. I’ve had other controllers where the controller would wake every time any button or trigger was accidentally tapped, which would drain the battery. This one here works much better.

Other notable features include vibration motors (only for Nintendo Switch), USB-C charging, and a Turbo feature. Holding down the turbo button along with one of the other buttons activates turbo mode on that button. You can even have that button enabled for auto turbo where you don’t need to press the button for it to trigger. Lastly, the Gamesir T4 Mini has adjustable RGB backlighting – 9-color modes and 3-lighting effects.

Gamesir T4 Mini

As a Nintendo Switch controller, the Gamesir T4 Mini is actually very good. It has mostly all the features you’d want in a controller as well as a couple of bonus features that make it more enjoyable. I do like the fact that it is multi-platform, so you can also use this on both Android and Apple phones, as well as being able to plug it into your PC and use it there. I honestly don’t mind the smaller size either and I find it more convenient to carry around than the larger ones. So with that said, Gamesir has a winner here with the T4 Mini and it’s definitely one to look out for if you’re in search of a smaller, more portable controller that actually works and looks good.

You can grab yourself a Gamesir T4 Mini here on Amazon.

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