So this might be a different kind of quick review. I’ve been reviewing cars since 2012 (interesting odd side note if I reverse the last two numbers of the year I started reviewing cards we end up as 2021, just noticed that hah). Reviewing cars is always fun and sad at the same time, always being able to drive cool and exciting new cars, but then having to give them back at the end. Always the reviewer, never the owner it would seem. With this one, it is a little different. I will be both reviewer and owner, as I decided to buy the 2021 Tesla Model 3 Long Range!

I’ve definitely had my eye on electric cars, Tesla, and especially the model 3 when it was first announced. Well as of September 2nd, I became the proud owner of one. So before we kick into a series of videos of different elements with this new car and my experiences with this purchase, let’s start off with why I brought one. Check out our latest video on the channel, where I discuss that very thing!

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