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PayPal has been a safe payment option for shoppers as well as gamblers for more than two decades. It comes as no surprise then that it has spilt into various sectors, including gambling. Players who are looking to gamble online are often presented with a good long list of payment methods.

Each and every payment method comes with its own pros and cons, but PayPal brings with it a curious number of safety protocols that goes hand-in-hand with technology.

Since PayPal is an e-wallet, it is continually evolving and moving together with the times. Even if new security breaches are created, PayPal is on top of its game to counteract them.

So when it comes to the world of online gambling, PayPal is an optimal solution both in terms of safety and quick deposits are withdrawals,

If you have purchased anything online in recent years, the chances are that you have come across PayPal or its logo at some point in time.

In fact, there are more than 377 million active PayPal users across the world, so the customer base is also growing exponentially.

Why should you opt for PayPal for gambling?

If you are looking to sign up and play at an online casino PayPal, there are many things that come into play that offer you peace of mind.

Fast Withdrawal Methods

Making deposits into your casino account is usually not an issue, but when it comes to withdrawals, many players claim that with some processes it can be timely. This is where PayPal would come in.

While withdrawal processing would largely depend on the casino of your choice, opting for PayPal could cut down your waiting time considerably.

To put it into perspective, if you are expecting a withdrawal via Visa or Mastercard, it can take between three and five banking days for the funds to reach your account.

With PayPal, on the other hand, the funds will reach you within a matter of minutes.

No Gambling Records

One important advantage is the fact that since you are not sharing your bank or card details with the PayPal online casino of your choice, there are no gambling records cropping up on your bank statements.

No sensitive information is ever shared with online casinos. Casinos can only see your e-mail address. This is similar to other e-wallet options such as Neteller and Skrill, who never share any details with casinos.

One key advantage that PayPal has over Neteller and Skrill is the fact that it won’t charge you exorbitant fees to process payments, especially if you are sending funds from your PayPal account back to your own banking account.

Safety & Security

As already stated, PayPal is one of the safest and most secure payment methods in the world. Since it is used by millions of persons around the globe, you can rest assured that your safety is of utmost importance.

PayPal has dedicated teams that are continually monitoring for hacking and fraud around the clock. It also has a dispute team available on hand to help you iron out any issues that may arise between buyers and sellers.

To go hand-in-hand with this service, PayPal also has a responsive customer support team that is available to assist you on any matters you may wish to discuss. In conclusion, when it comes to convenience as well as flexibility, PayPal is unrivalled. You won’t have to wait for long stretches of time for transactions to pop up in your account, and withdrawing from a PayPal casino account is superbly fast and secure.

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