With cloud storage being the wave that is it, makes sense that T-Mobile would collabo with Google to try and give some needed space for their customers. This exclusive plan gives you 500GB for $5 making it out to only $1 a gig. There is also an option to get 2TB for $10.

If you are new to Google One, it basically gives you storage that is spread across everything from emails(Gmail), photos(Google Photos), and data(Google Drive). You also get deals on Google Stadia, YouTube Premium and 10% back on items you buy from the Google Store.

This offer will be available starting Tuesday, October 12.


Google One for T-Mobile is available for customers with Android and iOS devices on consumer postpaid plans. T-Mobile customers can sign up for Google One 500GB or 2TB storage plans through their T-Mobile account online, in the T-Mobile app, at their local T-Mobile store or by dialing 611 from their mobile device to reach T-Mobile’s customer care Team of Experts. Sprint customers who have not yet migrated to T-Mobile can sign up for Google One 500GB via the T-Mobile Tuesdays app for Android or by calling Sprint Care for iOS, or for Google One 2TB directly through Google. For more information on Google One storage plans for T-Mobile, visit t-mobile.com/brand/why-t-mobile.

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