Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen these days, though a majority of them I’d say are not really fit for display in your home. By this, I mean that a lot of the Bluetooth speakers you see are better suited for outdoor, recreational use and don’t look particularly good sitting on your bookshelf or table. For home use and display, you deserve something more sophisticated looking, something that actually looks like it belongs there with your furniture. You need a Bluetooth speaker like the Edifier D12. The Edifier D12 is a bookshelf style speaker that seamlessly blends into your home thanks in part to its elegant, minimalist looks and partial wooden enclosure.


The Edifier D12 speaker is large. This isn’t a dinky portable speaker but an actual large, tabletop-style speaker meant for display in your home or home office. Measuring in at 359mm×159mm×203.5mm, you’re going to need some space to put this down on but once you do find a space for it, you’ll be impressed by its good looks.

The speaker itself is basically a rectangular slab sandwiched between two pieces of quality wood. I’m not entirely sure what kind of wood it is, but the one I have here looks a bit like oak or walnut. Regardless, you can get this in a light color wood and a dark blackened colored wood. The overall frame itself also sounds like it’s made of wood, but is covered in some kind of black skin with a texture that resembles leather, but is hard. The bottom has four rubber feet that are incredibly grippy and are probably the grippiest pads I have ever seen. These speakers definitely will not be sliding around.

On top of the speaker cabinet, there are physical control knobs for adjustment of the volume, treble, and bass. On that back is what makes this speaker a bit more special than your ordinary Bluetooth speaker. The Edifier D12 has actual RCA/AUX input ports for more versatile connections. That means it doesn’t just work with Bluetooth. You can hook the speaker up to your media center, TV, or any audio source without Bluetooth. Not only that but there’s also a Line-out port so you can hook up an optional subwoofer if that’s your jam.

Though you can’t see them, there are two 19mm tweeters and two 4-inch mid-base drivers.


For the spec junkies out there, power output on the tweeters is 15W each and on the mid-range drivers, it’s 20W each. That’s a total of 70 W (RMS) power output. The Edifier D12 does feature Bluetooth 5.0, as well as RCA and AUX inputs.

There is a remote control included with basic control functions. The remote is an IR remote however so you’ll need line-of-sight to control the speakers.


The Edifier D12 is a very good speaker system. The audio quality on this thing is top-notch and definitely room-filling. The highs on it are very good, very clear, and very crisp. The mids and bass are decent, though nothing to really write home about with the bass. The bass is deep, but not as deep as you’d expect something of this size to be. I did however expect this to happen considering that the D122 has an optional subwoofer output on the back. I’ll say that it’s acceptable but for those who want deeper, thumpier bass, definitely pick up an optional subwoofer.

Anyways, I tried a whole bunch of different types of music in all different genres. Not surprisingly, vocals are very good as are songs heavy on instrumentals. Bass however again is slightly lacking in the very deep end so some hip-hop songs might not sound as great as they should be, especially if they are bass dependant tracks. All-in-all though, I’m very happy with the audio experience and it’s perfect for my bedroom.

What I don’t like so much is the included remote. It’s very finicky and sometimes doesn’t even work when I point it at the speaker. You have to point it at the blue light, but it doesn’t always work correctly. I think it has to do with what angle you’re pointing it at. Thank goodness for the physical knobs on top of the speaker though. Also, you can just control everything through your phone instead. I wish the remote was more like the ones you get from a Roku or Fire where it’s Bluetooth-based.


The Edifier D12 speaker is actually pretty perfect for what it is. It’s a desktop speaker that isn’t too small or too large but does fill a room with some incredible sound. While it doesn’t have as much bass as some would like, I don’t think that’s a problem at all and I think the Edifier D12 does exactly what it’s meant to do. I think it’s perfect for a home office or a bedroom and is seriously a great way to enjoy your tunes.

The Edifier D12 tabletop Bluetooth speaker is available now on Amazon.

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