Case-Mate has been around a long time and has pretty much supported Apple’s iPhone since the beginning. So it’s no surprise that after Apple’s iPhone 13 announcement, Case-Mate has introduced their new line of iPhone 13 cases, which include their main Case-Mate line, Pelican, and Rifle Paper Co.


The Case-Mate line of cases will include three main styles, Cute as a Dumpling, variations of Soap Bubble, and variations of Twinkle Ombre and Twinkle Stardust. Soap Bubble and Twinkle Stardust will also be available as MagSafe Compatible cases starting at $49.99. The non-MagSafe cases start at $39.99.


You may know the Pelican brand as a rough and tough brand usually for the outdoors. Their cases are no different and are catered towards the extreme enthusiast. Pelican will have its Protector Series for the iPhone 13 and will have a version with MagSafe and a version without. The MagSafe edition will be $49.99 and the one without will be $39.99. Both will be rated at a 15ft drop with Military spec protection.

There is also the Voyager series which is a clear case rated at 18ft and features Micropel technology. This will retail for $59.99.

Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co. cases basically add a splash of botanical beauty to your iPhone 13. The minimalist design of this case gives you everything you need, from a slim profile to its incredible 10-foot drop protection. The Garden Party Blue case with gold foil detailing lets the color of your phone shine through. With all that and our added technology that prevents aging and discoloration, the Garden Party case keeps your phone both pretty and protected.

Each case will be available for $39.99.

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