So, when I got my Galaxy Z Fold 2 last year, I went to check some of my favorite case companies and a bunch didn’t carry any for my device. One of those unfortunately was Speck. This time around though with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 they have developed the Presidio Perfect Clear case for Samsung’s new foldable. After a bit over a week on and off with the case I can let you know if Speck’s 1st attempt at a foldable case was a smart one.


As the name mentions this is a Clear case for your Galaxy Z Fold 3. It will basically help your phone retain its identity without much compromise. Unlike some of the Z Fold 3 cases I have seen and used thus far which are divided into two pieces, this case is just one(well sorta) . Its barely noticeable but there is a slight connection in the middle at the top and bottom halves of the case.

The case itself has cutouts for volume controls, fingerprint sensor/power, and your triple camera system on the back. The hinge is also exposed when folded as well.

Microban is built-in to the casing to assist with reducing any stains and odors that normally would occur your constant usage of the device. Presidio Perfect Clear is also designed to within 13ft drops and take in some impacts with its cushiony casing.  


Over the course of a week the Presidio Perfect Clear has been a delight to use. It provides a nice grip in hand and accessing the buttons on the Z Fold 3 is easy based on the cutout. There is a raised bezel on the cover screen, but it’s designed to give you nice room for typing and other activities you do on there. When unfolded you get a bit more coverage from the raised bezel but not as much for you can utilize the full screen real estate presented.

The Presidio Perfect Clear presents no issue for being used with tap to pay apps such as Google Pay or Samsung Pay and even If you decide to go head and wirelessly charge the device it presents no issue.  

Applying the case is rather easy which can be done while unfolded and taking it off isn’t much of a chore as well. With clear cases you can see every scratch it comes across and also if any dust or particles manage to get in the case as well.


I think Speck did a splendid job on presenting a clear durable case for the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Its easy to attach and keeps the identity of the colorway you chosen. It feels good in hand and doesn’t add much weight to the Z Fold 3 which is a huge plus. I’d love to see if Speck brings some other colorways from their Presidio series or heck brings over my fave of theirs which is their Presidio Grip.

Speck’s Presidio Perfect Clear is $64.95 and hopefully you can catch it when it goes in and out of stock.  

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