Roccat just released a new gaming headset that is by far the best in their lineup – SYN Pro Air. One was sent to me for impressions and if you’re looking to upgrade your equipment, this would be a great start.

Comfort for Long Gaming Sessions

SYN Pro has a traditional design to the headset with some incredible cushion to the headband as well as the ear muffs. The material is premium memory foam with some breathable texture. The plastic chassis is heavy duty and feels premium. When turning the headset on you get this transparent glow to the earpieces giving it the subtle sci-fi you’d come to expect from gaming headsets. I really like the overall look of this design, it can definitely work on everyday usage.

Technical Prowess

SYN Pro Air comes with an impressive audio driver that should give more than an edge to competitive gamers. Embedded is 3D audio that’s on par with Sony’s 3D Pulse PS5 headset which surprised me greatly. Engineered is the 50mm Nanoclear drivers designed to give you as much sound queues as possible – hearing footsteps and distinct sound effects is separated greatly to help you determine your approach. The Microphone is detachable just like Roccat’s previous headset but this time modernized in design. USB-C is supported for charging and usage alongside a 2.4GHz wireless dongle. SYN Pro Air is also compatible with Roccat’s SWARM software for maximum customization. If you decide to formulate your overall equipment with Roccat’s stellar hardware, SYN would add a sexy addition to it all.

Overall Impressions

I found myself swapping between my DT770 Pro Beyerdynamics for SYN Pro Air often which says a lot about this product. I can’t deny the quality this brings and it gives me great assurance that Roccat knows exactly what the players need and I will urge all to keep an eye out for them. Roccat SYN Pro Air are available for $149.99.

REVIEW 8.5/10

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