Yaber Pro V7 Projector

When it comes to consuming visual media at home, nothing beats a good old-fashioned television. While watching videos on your phone or on a tablet or laptop might also suffice, it’s just not the same as watching something on a big screen on the couch with your family or friends. However, the television does have some limitations. Mainly, if you buy a TV at a specific size, you’re stuck with that. Also, televisions aren’t exactly portable and you might not always have a place to put them. That’s where a projector comes in. Projectors like the YABER Pro V7 can project a video onto any wall in your home and the image size can change based on your available space. That means you could have an image that is like 50″ for a small room or like 350″ in a large room. That’s how versatile a projector can be.

So with this review, we are taking a look at the YABER Pro V7 Projector, their latest 1080p projector on the market. I know you might be thinking that you’ve never heard of the brand YABER before (I know I hadn’t), but they’ve been around since 2016 and have had 1080p projectors since 2017. They’ve also sold over 1-million projectors worldwide since 2000, so they’re not exactly new to the world of projectors.

I would like to thank YABER for sending over the new YABER Pro V7 for evaluation which came in their full retail packaging. This is the same unit and accessories you’d get if you had ordered it on Amazon for instance.

Yaber Pro V7 Projector


Let’s start this off with some specs and what makes the YABER Pro V7 an interesting choice for those looking for a good and affordable projector. One of the main talking points is that the Pro V7 features real native 1080p resolution. That means you’ll get a sharper and more detailed image than comparable 720p projectors. You also get a projector with an ultra-high brightness of 9500 L, which seems to be quite high for a projector in this price point.

Other notable specs include what YABER calls, 6D Auto Keystone Correction, which allows the projector to auto adjust itself based on angle and tilt. There’s also a digital zoom function that can decrease the size of the picture by up to 50% if needed, so you no longer have to size the picture based on projector distance. You also get Dual-Band WiFi Mirroring for both Android and iOS devices. No more fussing with cables and the YABER Pro V7 supports other Miracast-enabled devices.

Of course there’s also the inclusion of 2xhdmi inputs for traditional devices like gaming consoles, TV boxes, and media streamers. 2xUSB ports are also available to provide power for streaming devices or for plugging in USB drives to play media from. Lastly you also get a headphone jack as well as an AV port for older devices with the use of an adapter cable. I should also mention that there is Bluetooth 5.1 available for pairing wireless speaker and headphones.

The YABER Pro V7 supports these video formats: AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, MOV, RMVB, 3GP, MPEG, MPEG2, H.264, XVID, and JPEG. For audio formats, the projector supports these: AAC, APE, OGG, MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV, WMA, MID, and DTS.

Yaber Pro V7 Projector


For the most part, all projectors share a similar design, especially at this size. The YABER Pro V7 isn’t a large projector, but it also isn’t a small projector either. The projector measures at 10.4 x 9.8 x 3.1 inches which is still a manageable size. It comes with its own carrying bag so it is possible to carry this around with you if you want to take it somewhere or move it to another room. Just not that this isn’t one of those tiny handheld projectors that you can just throw in your purse or something.

The projector itself is mostly all white. The front features a huge lens that’s about 2.25-2.50 inches in diameter that helps project the 5-inch LCD. There’s a manual focusing ring on the side of the projector along with an air filter system that helps keep dirt and dust out. Out back is where all the ports are and the power port. On top are where the controls are if you don’t want to use the remote. The bottom has rubber feet along with a rubber screw that you can use the adjust the projector angle when sitting flat.

There is one speaker on the back though I honestly would not use this as your main source of sound for the projector unless you really have to.

Yaber Pro V7 Projector


Let’s start with the overall package. The YABER Pro V7 projector is a very complete package. When you get it, it all comes packed up in a fairly nice little backpack carrying case that includes the projector, all the cables, the remote, and the manuals. It’s not tiny by any means, but it’s not hard to carry and it is portable.

Setup is pretty much just as simple. Basically you just need to find a nice flat place to put it and a nice, clean white wall to use the projector on. You can also use a projector screen if you want, but a white wall will also work just as well. If you don’t have table space and are handy, you can also get a projector ceiling mount to hang it from the ceiling. Just make sure you’re near a power outlet as the power cable is a bit short so you may or may not need to use an extension cord. To hang it from the ceiling, you will need to mount the projector upside down. The ceiling mount screw holes are under the rubber feet that you’ll have to remove.

Once you have that all set up, you can then turn it on and start to adjust the picture on the wall to make sure it’s straight and sized properly. You can choose to do that manually or via the 6D Auto Keystone Correction. The 6D Auto Keystone Correction seems to work quite well and does a good job of keeping the picture straight. Basically you need to first align the picture straight on the wall before clicking the 6D button. Once you do that, you can then change the angle and the projector should automatically adjust the picture straight. Then click the 6D button again to stop. It’s not always 100%, but it works.

Yaber Pro V7 Projector

Connecting a media source was also super simple. The included ports on the back allow for a wide variety of sources such as Blu-ray players, video game consoles, media streamers like the Roku or Fire Stick, and more. You can even wirelessly connect your smartphone or tablet to the projector via Miracast which isn’t that difficult to do either.

Picture quality is very good and you can get a pretty crisp, focused picture, even when enlarged. The image also seems bright enough indoors although really bright areas, the picture might not be as bright as you’d want it. Dimly lit to dark rooms are still the perfect environment for projectors. Colors from the projector also seem pretty accurate and I tested this with regular movies, along with animated ones like Anime and the usual Pixar stuff. All-in-all, very happy with both brightness and color.

In terms of audio, it’s a bit weak. If you’re in a small room by yourself, it sounds decent, though you’re basically listening to it from one speaker. In a larger room, audio is a little harder to hear. I honestly recommend using better speakers like Bluetooth ones or ones hooked up directly to the projector. You can do this with the AV out port and cables. If it’s just you, you can also hook up headphones to it if you prefer that.

Yaber Pro V7 Projector


I have never used a projector personally in my home but have had some friends with them. I always found it quite fascinating that you could have such a large picture coming from such a tiny machine and not have to pay huge TV prices for them. A 100″ TV for instance would cost thousands while a projector will run you a few hundred dollars. After using the Yaber Pro V7 projector, I can see why people like them and how versatile that can be.

While not 100% perfect, I’m pretty impressed with the Yaber Pro V7. The picture quality is great and suits my needs while the different input sources are very much welcome. Also being able to wirelessly connect to the device via Miracast is a nice little bonus considering a lot of us consume most of our media now on a tablet or smartphone. At least this way, we can project it to a much larger source when we need to. I however prefer to just have a media streamer hooked up to the projector which is really all you’ll probably need.

Lastly, I do recommend hooking the projector up to a better audio source for better sound if this projector is mainly going to be stationary and not moved around. Also, find a good extension cable because like I said before, the power cable here is way too short.

So with that said, the Yaber Pro V7 is a thumbs up for me and I’d recommend it based on picture quality and versatility of sources you can display on it.

The Yaber Pro V7 projector is currently available now on Amazon here.

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