Since my transition from console controller to KnM input – I found myself searching for the mouse that has the needs I desire; I am not a high-sensitive gamer that whiffs uncontrollably just to get a kill – I am a precise gamer who plays on a low enough DPI to be precise with my shots, but high enough to maneuver seamlessly. I landed with Glorious Model O that serves me well to this day. But my attention has steered to Roccat’s KONE Pro model mouse that promises elite-level precision with a feather weight frame. I’m here to test that.

Full disclosure, I will be comparing KONE Pro with Model O often in this review.

Build Quality and Performance

KONE Pro doesn’t have the honeycomb chassis like the Model O, but surprisingly it is still incredibly light at 66 grams. You’d expect the casing to be cheap with that weight, but holding it has a premium matte feel. The mouse’s ergonomics are designed in such a way that fits well with my big hands and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’ll do the same for others. The mouse clicks is build for durability with the Titan Switch Optical switches, promising 100 million life-span clicks; at this point I don’t know if it’s diminishing returns but I can’t tell the difference from the Model O mouse which is a great thing. Underneath the mouse has heat-treated PTFE Glides for that smooth tracking necessary for competitive gaming. The Owl-Eye Sensor is equipped with 19,000DPI and honestly….who needs 19,000DPI sensitivity? Gods, that’s who. The scroll wheel is aluminum so it’ll last for a long while, and honestly it has this satisfying feel to it; it’s smooth but controlled. And for those curious on the wiring of the mouse, it’s flexible with the proprietary Phantom Flex.

Software for Perfection

Embedded to KONE Pro is Roccat’s AIMO Intelligent Lighting for that beautiful hexagonal RGB lighting – if you need exact colors, don’t worry there’s 16.8 million to choose from. Roccat’s SWARM software is also available for you to fine tune your mouse and it’s as robust as you’d expect; adjust your DPI to better suit your precision, change your RPG and even the key mapping of the mouse itself. It’s very intuitive and I am happy Roccat updates regularly.

Final Thoughts

KONE Pro is indeed that pro-level performance mouse you’d come to expect and if you’re in the market for one and have no clue which to pick from, don’t overlook this bad boy.


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