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Marketing your franchise in 2021 is extremely important because there is so much competition in the business world. You need to stand out and ensure that you attract the right franchisees to grow your business effectively. In the past, many franchises used traditional marketing methods like print advertising, flyers, brochures, posters and paid radio and television ads.

While there is still scope to successfully market a business using those methods, the exponential growth of the internet has meant that online marketing has become the gold standard for marketing. What’s more, by marketing your franchise online, you can reach a global audience, allowing you to expand on a wider scale, if you so desire. At the same time, you can target more local or regional audiences using the internet. So, what are the best ways to market your franchise business effectively online? Managing your educational projects online is also an option with studycrumb services for international students!

Research your competition
Before you start marketing your franchise, you need to ensure that you know how to market it. You want your business to stand out and you can achieve this by researching your competitors and identifying what sets your company apart from others within your industry. Devising a successful marketing strategy can make it more efficient and will ultimately ensure that it is more effective.

Take advantage of franchise directories

Franchise directory websites online provide an excellent place to ensure that franchisees can find your franchise opportunity. The vast directories categorise your franchise within its sectors to allow people to easily access it. You can attract the right kinds of franchisees to your business and ensure that you recruit investors who are ambitious, dedicated and want to work with you to make your company successful.

One of the advantages of a franchise directory is that your potential franchisees are likely already highly considering investing in a franchise, which already gives you an edge when you advertise on a directory. It means that you are halfway towards attracting them to your business. By clearly stating the advantages of investing in your business on your page within the franchise directory, you can ensure that they take that final step and become a part of your franchise.

Use dedicated franchise advertising website

Dedicated franchise advertising websites offer many of the same benefits as franchise directories. They are sites that users tend to visit when they already have it in mind to invest in a franchise. Therefore, employing a solid and efficient marketing strategy to attract people to your specific company is an excellent way to ensure that you set yourself apart from competitors. Focus on your franchise’s unique selling points (USPs). This gives people a reason to join your franchise over your competition’s.

Utilise emails and SMS marketing

When using emails and SMS marketing, you can choose to employ a strategy of either warm leads, cold leads, or a combination. You can do this using dedicated software to manage leads. An efficient way to utilise email and SMS marketing is to set up a referrals programme among existing franchisees. This means that you may find more warm leads and ultimately enjoy a better conversion rate with this tactic.

Benefit from social media

Social media has become one of the best places to market a franchise because of the volume of people that engage with social media in the modern age. Statistics show that there are now over 4.2 billion social media users worldwide. This makes social media ripe for attracting potential franchisees to your franchise.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others get billions of hits every day and it is a potent way to promote your company. Curate your posts according to your target audience for better traction. From creative flat lays or professional photos for your products to unboxing videos that showcase your custom box packaging, post something that piques customer interest. Social media also offers the advantage of being able to market directly to users and does not cost money, so you are essentially benefiting from free advertising channels. However, there are also options to boost your franchise even further if you want to invest money into your marketing strategies such as using paid ads and Google PPC.

Your own website is the perfect marketing hub

Your franchise’s own website is the ideal place to market your business. Of course, it is necessary to attract more people to your site and boost its visibility, for example, by optimising your SEO to ensure that you attract higher levels of traffic to your website. There are many ways in which you can boost your SEO.

Identify your industry’s keywords that people are searching for when they are trying to find goods and services within your sector. Incorporate them into the content on your site. Regular, original and fresh content will ensure that you give your website the best chance at ranking highly on search engine results pages so that web users can easily find your website.

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