[Written Externally By Gordon Miller]

Euro 2020 is almost upon us, which means millions of football fans right around the world are going to spend several weeks glued to their TVs as they follow every kick, save, and throw-in live. Competition is tight between several of Europe’s biggest footballing nations, which will make betting on Euro 2020 even more exciting. England have been the bookie’s favourite for well over a year, though France and Belgium are very close behind.

However, the knockout format of the tournament could mean any of these teams get ejected early on thanks to a last-minute goal or the dreaded penalty shootout. This will make the competition exciting from the first kick to the last final whistle. 

If you want the ultimate Euro 2020 viewing experience, then you might want to think about upgrading your setup. Here is some of the tech you may want to invest in ahead of June 11th. 

Get the Right TV

Getting the perfect TV will make the biggest difference to your Euro 2020 viewing experience. A 4K Ultra-HD display will give you the sharpest, most detailed picture possible, letting you see every player as though you were right there. 

Some leading 4K television sets include the LG C1 OLED series, which is available in models between 48 and 77-inches; and the Samsung Q90T/Q95T OLED range, which has great sound quality and is available as big as 85-inches. 

Surround Sound and Soundbars

A great picture is made even better when it’s accompanied by great quality sound. This can really begin to make you feel like you’re there in the stadium. 

While top-of-the-line 4K televisions do some with Dolby Digital sound built-in, it’s best to invest in some quality speakers, a soundbar, or a full surround sound system. The latter does a great job of differentiating which direction a sound is coming from. 

For surround sound, What Hi-Fi recommends the Dali Oberon 5 system. But if you’d prefer the convenience of a soundbar, the review site suggests the Sonos Beam, describing it as the company’s “best yet”. 

Mini Fridge

There’s nothing more annoying than being thirsty during a game, getting up to get a drink, and missing a match-winning goal while you’re back is turned. Sure you can just wait until half time to get a drink, or you could get a mini fridge and stock it full of your favourite beverages and snacks so you can enjoy as many as you want for the full 90 minutes. 

According to BBC Good Food, some of the best on the market right now are the iceQ tabletop lockable fridge, the VonShef mini fridge, and the Ikea Tillreda mini fridge. All three are small enough to fit, not take up too much room and big enough to keep you going for an entire football match

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