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A browser is one of the most utilized applications on the iPhone and for different reasons. You can use it to access your social media pages, online shopping and banking, and so much more. The browser tends to retain a lot of information that may affect a phone’s seamless working through login issues and website loading delays. This is why it is essential to occasionally clear the browser history, as it will ensure security, privacy and keep your iPhone working smoothly. 

Deleting Safari Browser History on iPhone

Getting rid of all your browsing history from Safari is fairly effortless. It not only removes all the browsing history but saved cookies as well. 

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone. The Safari controls are found in the Settings app, not in the Safari app itself.
  • Scroll down to the Safari item and tap on it to see the available options.
  • On the Safari menu, find the Clear history and website data item. It is at the very bottom of the menu, so scroll down a bit until you find it. If the button is unusable, ensure you disable all website restrictions. Do this by going back to the Settings menu and selecting Restrictions. Tap Websites after entering your passcode, and then select All Websites to enable clearing history. You must have a restriction passcode to clear the history.
  • Confirm your need to delete the browsing history. 

This removes the Safari browsing history, cookies, cache, and autofill information. The browsing history is also deleted on any other device signed into your iCloud account. 

Deleting Chrome Browser History on iPhone

Deleting the google browsing history in the Chrome app may be necessitated by safety and privacy considerations. It protects your personal information from hackers who may use the search history to steal your identity.

It is essential to understand that Google ensures that the information searched remains available even after deleting it. However, it’s never displayed or shared on any device, so safety is still guaranteed. Here are the guidelines for deleting Chrome’s history from your iPhone. 

  • Open the Chrome app on your iPhone.
  • Tap the three-line icon at the upper left-hand corner.
  • On the pop-up menu, tap on History.
  • Click on Clear browsing history, which is on the screen’s bottom-left side. You must put a checkmark on the browsing history, then tap the Clear browsing data icon. 
  • In the pop-up box, confirm the action. Note that this will also remove all browser data on other synced devices.  

Deleting Firefox Browser History on iPhone

The iPhone Firefox browser stores browser data to improve the future browsing experience, such as keeping you logged into a site. However, you might want to clear all the browser history when troubleshooting a recurring issue.

To begin a fresh browsing experience, here are the instructions for deleting the browser history in Firefox. 

  • Launch the Firefox browser on your iPhone
  • Click on the menu button (three lines at the bottom of the screen).
  • Tap the Settings option.
  • Scroll down to the Data Management button in the Privacy section
  • Select the browser history you would like to delete from Firefox, then click on the Clear private data button. You may delete cache, offline website data, downloaded files, or browsing history.
  • Tap the Ok button to confirm your action. Note that there’s no way to undo this procedure.  

Final Thoughts

Search history significantly improves our digital lives by ensuring easy search for products or things online we already visited. Considering this information is synced with other devices, it is crucial to clear it for protection from prying eyes and hackers. Whether you are using Safari, Chrome, or Firefox browser on your iPhone, use the guidelines provided above to delete your browser history to enhance safety and privacy. While you’re playing around in the options, make sure JavaScript is enabled. Don’t hesitate to learn more about it and how to enable it in your browser.

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