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We are all pretty lucky to have a smartphone. Comparing this to how digital technology used to be, we have come a very long way. With that being said, people use smartphones to their advantage by essentially controlling and monitoring their whole lives on the phone. Yet again, not everyone is a tech genius. Lucky for you, you don’t have to be when it comes to using a smartphone day to day. Keep reading to find out how you can make the most of your smartphone. We can guarantee you that you’re not making full use of it!

Use your phone for organisation

One of the first ways you can make the most of your phone is by using it for organizational purposes. Most smartphones have a notes app and calendar built-in so you are able to track your day. With this, you can also set daily reminders to let you know when a task is due or when you have a deadline coming up. You do not need to use this for larger projects, you can use it for something as simple as sending an email.

People no longer find themselves regularly carrying about a journal to record their goals and thoughts too as the notes app is the perfect platform to do this. You can create to-do lists, checklists and even record your thoughts all day. We love the Apple notes app and it will certainly boost your productivity!

Use your phone for entertainment

Did you know that your phone can support the most trending games in the UK and most entertainment apps? If you are on the go or simply do not have access to another device (like your laptop), you can easily download and run a plethora of games all from the comfort of your mobile phone. It is so convenient and keeps you entertained whenever you are.

You can download games and other entertainment platforms such as Netflix and YouTube. Making the most of your smartphone should be about more than chatting with your friends and staying up to date on social media! Engage with these sites and apps to enjoy yourself.

Use screen monitoring time

A lot of people became very impressed when they first heard about the screen monitoring option on Apple devices. If you currently use your phone for work or even if you just feel like you are on it too much, you can monitor your screen time. This allows you to track how much time you are spending on your phone each day and even allow your phone to time out when time’s up!

Use the health app

Many newer smartphones have built-in health apps that you can make use of too, but a lot of people don’t make full use of them. However, it has a lot of features that many people would benefit from. It can track your sleep, your health and the number of steps you take each day. We know that this may seem like a lot, but it’s important to track your health habits each day. Smartphones allow you to do so with ease and privately.

Use your hotspot

Last but not least, you can make the most of your smartphone by using your private hotspot. Essentially, this allows you to use your mobile data to access the internet on other devices. Most of the time, this is included in your data plan, but it’s worth doing some extra research on it. Don’t waste what you can grasp! How do you plan on making more use of your smartphone in 2021?

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