Speck Case Galaxy S21 5G

There’s a reason why Speck cases have long been a popular favorite among smartphone owners. Mainly because their cases are not only highly protective, but because their designs are usually quite stylish. Their iconic Presidio2 Grip cases are one of the best around and we’ve used them on a few of our phones in the past. You can also count on Speck to have cases available for the latest phones including the new Samsung Galaxy S21 series. That’s what we’re checking out today with Speck’s Presidio2 Grip, Presidio Perfect-Clear, and Presidio Perfect-Mist for the Galaxy S21 5G.

Speck Presidio2 Grip Case

The Speck Presidio2 Grip case is one of Speck’s most iconic cases. Its main claim to fame is the no-slip grips built into the backside of the case along with the Presidio2 Armor Cloud technology. For the Galaxy S21 series though, it seems that Speck has made a change to the case for overall comfort and feel. It now features a new, unique soft-touch finish that makes the case smoother and softer to the touch. It doesn’t feel as plastic as in previous cases and does provide a bit more grip overall. Not only that, the soft-touch finish covers the entire rear now, including the no-slip grips for a more uniform look.

We picked it up in the Coastal Blue color which looks really slick here, especially with the black accents.

In terms of protection, the Armour Cloud tech is as good as ever. Basically, there are air capsules all around the edges of the case. When dropped, the capsules compress, absorbing the energy away from your phone. This reduces shock and damage to your phone. Lastly, let’s talk about the fact that only Speck products have Microban technology. This provides antimicrobial protection and provides a 99% reduction in bacteria growth. Especially in the times that we’re living in now, I’d think this to be a really important feature to have.

The Speck Presidio2 Grip is available in three different colors – Blue, Grey, and Black.

Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear Case

The Speck Presideo Perfect-Clear case is for those who want to show off their Galaxy S21 5G in its full glory. Speck says this is their clearest case they’ve ever made, and open first glance, that seems to be true. That might be because the back of the case is a hard shell that’s fused into a more flexible material. Apparently there also a “Perfect-Clear” coating that resists discoloration and anti-yellowing to keep your case looking perfectly-clear.

The coating however doesn’t make the case scratch-resistant though, so be aware of that. Also, note that the clear case doesn’t resist fingerprints either so you’ll be seeing a lot of those if you have oily hands.

What is good about the case however is that it does seem to provide a good amount of protection. The hard shell certainly helps protect the back from hard bumps and drops, which the edges feature clear impact technology that cushions your phone and resists damage. The edges also feature raised bezels for better screen protection. Aside from that, there are also covers for the buttons.

Lastly, the Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear also features Microban technology that provides a 99% reduction in bacteria growth.

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Speck Presidio Perfect-Mist Case

The Speck Precidio Perfect-Mist if you can tell is pretty much exactly like the Presidio Perfect-Clear. The main difference is the color. The Perfect-Mist is a smoke-tinted case that’s translucent. That’s not the only thing that’s different either. The case also features a soft-touch matte finish similar to what you’ll find on the Presidio2 Grip. This gives the Presidio-Mist a bit more grip as well as comfort.

What is the same is the hard shell back and the edges that have raised bezels to protect the screen. The same protection is there too along with the impact technology that cushions your phone and resists damage. And again, like all Speck cases, the Speck Precidio Perfect-Mist features Microban technology.

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Speck has some really great cases here for the Galaxy S21 5G, which also carries over into the other phones in this series. These are cases that fit well, look great, and offer a high level of protection. What I like is that they not only offer physical protection for your phone but also protect you from harmful bacteria.

My favorite though is the Presidio Grip2 case as that is the most protective and most stylish of the bunch. I also love the extra grip the case provides when held in both landscape and portrait modes. The addition of the soft-touch also made an already great series of cases, even better.

With that said, you can’t go wrong with these new Speck cases if you’re looking for something to keep your precious new Samsung Galaxy S21 5G in pristine condition.

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