Urban Armor Gear Galaxy S21 5G

Whenever a popular new phone comes out, you can always count on Urban Armor Gear to make some of the toughest cases for it. This has been true for various Samsung Galaxy devices and still holds true for the brand new Galaxy S21 series. In fact, UAG has gone all out with the Galaxy S21 and several different designs available, each with a variety of colors to accommodate your tastes. Today, we’re looking at five of their most popular designs for the Galaxy S21 5G. What I like about UAG is that they have cases that range from casual and stylish to flat-out tough for those who want total protection for their phone.


The Pathfinder Series is UAG’s original case and what they are most known for. This was one of the first rugged cases to feature a slim design that didn’t look bulky or ugly. This is the case designed for adventure in mind and it shows with the quality of the materials and design. The case features an impact-resistant core that extends out the edges of the phone. Wrapping around this core is a hard protective shell that is uniquely UAG. I fell in love with this design many years ago when it first came out for the iPhone and that love has only continued over the years.

What I love too are the small details that make the UAG Pathfinder great. There are groves built into the edge that adds grip, making your phone easier to hold. There are also integrated button covers for more protection and the edges also extend up pasts the display to help protect it if you lay the phone down on the display side. Lastly, the corners are a bit thicker than the rest of the edges for better corner protection and shock absorption.

Are there any negatives about the UAG Pathfinder case? Nope. This case for the Galaxy S21 5G is stylish and doesn’t comprise protection. With the Pathfinder case, you never have to worry about damaging your Galaxy S21 5G. The Pathfinder series is available in four different colors, priced at $39.95 each. There’s even a Pathfinder SE edition that comes in camo colors.

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The UAG Plasma Series is an offshoot of the popular Pathfinder Series with roughly the same style and protection. The difference here is that the outer protective shell is now transparent and doesn’t have an impact-resistant core. Instead, that honeycomb protection is built into the shell which makes the case a bit lighter as well. There are still impact-resistant corners and protection that extends past the display edges. Other design elements also carry over from the Pathfinder, such as the notched edges for grip and the button protectors.

This case is made more for those who want to show off the design of the phone more but still want that classic UAG protection. The UAG Plasma series comes in four different colors, but the coolest has to be the “Billie” which is like a neon line green color. It’s super flashy and really stands out. This case also costs $39.95 each.

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The UAG Civilian Series case is one of UAG’s newer designs that combines their rugged tech with the looks of something more simplistic and formal. This is a very clean-looking case that you wouldn’t think was a rugged case. The outer shell is minimally styled but features the Urban Armor Gear name etched into the back. The protective edges also aren’t as aggressively styled as the Pathfinder or Plasma series.

What gives the Civilian Series its rugged status is the built-in impact-resistant skeleton coupled with a shock-absorbing core. This is further enhanced with a tough feather-light armor shell. This classic UAG protection in a new modernly styled case. This case also features raised edges, button protection, and shock-absorbing corners. The UAG Civilian Series case comes in five different colors and is priced at $49.95.

I like the fact that this is a bit less flashy than the Pathfinder or Plasma.

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PLYO SERIES (Galaxy S21 5G)

The UAG Plyo Series is one of their most understated cases. This is a completely clear case made to show off your Galaxy S21 5G, especially If you chose a color other than black. If you chose Phantom Violet, for instance, that’s a color you really want to accentuate and the UAG Plyo lets you do that. The Plyo is a little bit different from other clear cases however and it’s mainly in the rear of the case. While most cases wrap around the back, the Plyo does this and has a small lip that raises the rear of the case. This helps protect the camera bump as well as the phone. This also adds a nice little ridge for your fingers to grab onto.

Other protective features include raised edges on the front to protect the display and protective button covers. The UAG Plyo also features Air-Soft corners for extra shock-absorbing corner protection. The material used also feels very grippy which makes it very pleasant to hold.

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Urban Armor Gear Galaxy S21 5G

LUCENT by [U] (Galaxy S21 5G)

The [U] Lucent is a [U] product which is by UAG. These cases are designed to be more sophisticated and modern with a bit more styling than the typical UAG case. The case however isn’t designed like traditional UAG cases and is more geared towards fashion than rugged protection.

For starters, the case does feel a bit thinner than the regular UAG cases, but does make the case feel less chunky when on the phone. This is more of a form fitting case and to me, is just something you want to put on because it looks pretty and can kind of protect your phone. The case is just enough to protect against minor bumps and drops and still does extend past the display for some protection there. It also extends a bit in the back too so that the camera bump is protected too.

Design wise, it’s an attractive design with a microdot pattern on the back that adds a bit of flare. I mean it does help break up what some might consider a boring, monotonous rear. I do like that there seems to be a little raised lip area on the bottom portion of the case which can help with grip when you’re holding the phone in landscape mode to take photos, watch videos, or play games. As usual, there are covers on the buttons for protection.

Overall, it’s an attractive case that does provide some protection, but if you want something more rugged, stick to UAG’s other cases.

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Urban Armor Gear Galaxy S21 5G


When it comes to protection for my smartphone, Urban Armor Gear never lets me down. These are cases that provide confidence when used and you know for a fact that when you do drop your phone, the case might be dinged up, but the phone isn’t. For the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, I’m glad to see that UAG has embraced it and all their styles are available for it. My favorite is still the Pathfinder series for protection, but the new Civilian Series isn’t too far behind.

What I also love is that there’s a whole range for the Galaxy S21 5g, from rugged to stylish and everything in-between. For those who want to show off their phone, you have the Plyo Series and the [U] Lucent. For those who want a higher level of protection, the Pathfinder, Plasma, and Civilian Series. I also didn’t cover the Monarch Series which is another choice you have as well.

With that said, you can’t go wrong with Urban Armor Gear if you have a Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone, whether it’s the regular one, Plus, or Ultra edition, UAG has you covered.

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