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AliExpress is an online website or market where you can find and buy any product that you can think of. It is a platform that directly connects buyers and sellers. It also facilitates businesses so they can reach and sell to people all around the world. Most of the products available on the platform are from China, which international customers can purchase from their own homes and be delivered to them.

Shopping on AliExpress

There is a lot to expect from and buy on AliExpress. You can scroll away and look for anything that suits your interests. You can also search for a specific product you have been looking for through the search bar and the categories option. And when you finally decide on which item to buy, you can add it to your cart, place your order, and pay.

What is the Best Tracker When Shopping on AliExpress?

Its users use AliExpress assistant tools or tracker tools to help them when shopping through the platform. Trackers are useful when shopping on AliExpress because they help the users decide whether the current product they are checking out is a good pick or if there are better ones they can buy instead.

Alitools is one of the many tools available out there in the market, and it is an excellent tool for AliExpress buyers. One of the benefits you can expect from it is that it offers on-site tracking. Users can just scroll through AliExpress, click on a product, and Alitools will provide them the information and details they want right there on the website.

Alitools Services

Alitools, compared to other trackers or assistant tools, offers smooth and trusted services. Below are what benefits you can expect to be provided with when you install this extension:

History of a Product’s Price

Alitools allows users to see the price history of a particular product and track its daily changes. This feature gives users the benefit of taking advantage of different sales and special offers and distinguishing real discounts from fake ones.

Use Photos to Find Products

If users want to look for clothes, shoes, and accessories, Alitools can help them search for these products using pictures.

View Ratings

It is a smart move when buying to check the rating of other buyers on the seller. With Alitools and its internal metrics used to rate sellers, you can check the seller’s full description, which can help you decide whether to continue purchasing from them or not.

Check Feedbacks and Reviews of the Product

Alitools finds and provides users with reviews of the product they are interested in. With real product reviews, users can see and check the product closer through pictures.

See Other Similar Products

If you did not like the initial product you are interested in, Alitools would show you similar products. Users themselves can choose again from these products depending on their prices, ratings, and even popularity.

Track Order

It will help users track their parcels after purchasing and notify them if there is any status change.

Available Both for Browser and Mobile Devices

Whether you are using your mobile device or your PC, Alitools is available for you. Users can install it as extensions in their browser and experience its greatness, or they can download the mobile application on their android or iOs devices. Whichever, Alitools is always free to download.

Other Advantages of Alitools

Alitools, when compared to other tracker tools, can be installed as an extension for a wider variety of browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Yandex. Aside from that, it has a good reputation and ratings from its users and has gained many AliExpress buyers’ trust.

Here are a few more things you should know if you want a better shopping experience with AliExpress:

It is Legit and Safe

The sellers will never access your personal payment information. Only AliExpress will know about it, so you need not worry about getting your bank details leaked.

It Provides Coupons

AliExpress offers a lot of different coupons you can use on the platform. These coupons can be used to get discounts off of the buyer’s orders.

It Allows Disputes

Submitting disputes is possible and allowed for situations such as when the product you received is damaged or you did not receive any at all. You will be able to contact the seller you bought the item from and raise your issue.

It Promises Cheaper Prices

AliExpress is known for having products sold at lower and yet still reasonable prices. You can get the right product for a fair price compared to other marketplaces.

It Has Assistant and Tracker Tools

Since AliExpress is huge, assistant tools or extensions continue to be developed to assist the buyers. These tools can help you shop smartly and avoid fraud.

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