Satechi Dock 5

I’m willing to bet that many of you are multi-device users, meaning you carry around one or two mobile phones, maybe a tablet, and possibly a smartwatch. Do you know what all those require? Chargers. Why should you have to deal with multiple chargers and valuable desktop space when you can get the Satechi Dock 5 Multi-Device Charging Station. The Satechi Dock 5 is a multi-device charging station with a small footprint and the ability to charge up to five devices at once.

Satechi Dock 5

The Satechi Dock 5 is divided into five parts with silicone lined dividers. Your devices are placed in an upright position, like dishes in your dishwasher. Along one side of the Satechi Dock 5, you’ll find your charging ports. There are two 20W USB-C PD ports and two 12W USB-A ports. The USB-C ports are fast charging while the USB-A ports say they’re fast charging, but only for specific devices. 12W really isn’t considered “fast-charging” anymore on newer devices, but this is okay for some of your regular devices that might not have fast charging.

If you want fast charging, I suggest sticking to the USB-C PD ports. You can also use the included wireless charging pad which can fast charge wirelessly. While not as fast as the USB-C PD ports, it’s still pretty fast for wireless. You can use this to charge phones, smartwatches, and other accessories that support it.

Satechi Dock 5

I’ve tried this with several devices and everything charges as it should. All my latest Android phones charge up quickly and my other non-fast-charging devices charge up fine as well. The wireless charging works as it should and the Satechi Dock 5 takes up much less space than me laying out all my devices on a table. Build quality is excellent, though most of it is made of a high grade plastic. I originally thought the body would be aluminum, as that’s what it looks like it would be, but it’s just painted plastic. It still looks good however and doesn’t take away from the handsome design.

With that said, the Satechi Dock 5 Multi-Device Charging Station is a must-have for anyone who has a handful of devices that they need to be charged on a daily basis. Instead of keeping track of multiple chargers and cables, everything is right there in one dock, making things much more organized and simple. You will however need to provide your own cables, but that’s understandable considering the many combinations of possible devices you could use with the Satechi Dock 5.

The Satechi Dock 5 Multi-Device Charging Station is available now on Amazon here.

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