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Pushing yourself is a surefire way to grow. As proven by these five rivals in the gaming industry, you will never run out of sources of inspiration when playing these games.

In years gone by, we relied on books and TV/films to get our intrinsic storylines which would often require a vivid imagination to help thrust us into the story and relate to the characters. However, nowadays, this is achieved through the medium of video games, which help tell a more detailed story, whilst allowing us to actually experience how it was meant to unfold. Story-based games aren’t limited to what’s featured in this list, you can enjoy them on consoles, PC, mobile and sites at New Casinos UK where players can find a new online casino to find iSlots that feature a progressive story, which unfolds as you play. 

Video games train new players through their rival characters. Initially, you start as the stronger party, setting the tone for you to defeat the character. That is a goal you try to achieve from the word ‘go.’

The victory gives you an unparalleled sense of satisfaction. However, fantastic rivals aren’t the only feature of gameplay mechanics. Acting and fantastic writing are the other elements of good mechanics. Unfortunately, they are equally the hardest part too.

Let’s go through the amazing rival video games and see which of them has been outstanding over the years.

Yakuza – Goro Majima

Goro Majima is a parallel line to Yakuza’s main character, Kiryu Kazuma. Unlike the more stoic ex-yakuza with sterling qualities, a character with a heart of gold, unpredictability is Majima’s outstanding quality. The unpredictable lunatic seizes every opportunity to go head to head with Kiryu.

Majima is undoubtedly a fantastic and worthy rival character. As the series progresses, other attributes are incorporated into Majima. These new attributes turned him into more than just a one-dimensional character.

It is heartbreaking to see as the tragic story of Majima unfolds in Kiwami remakes and Yakuza o. Nevertheless, the progression aptly contextualizes the deadly rivalry between the duo of Majima and Kiryu. The player’s skills will be tested with each fight he gets into with Majima, either while engaging in accidental fights with him on the street or fighting him as part of the main story.

Metal Gear Solid 3 – Revolver Ocelot

The first in the Metal Gear Solid series featured Ocelot. However, it wasn’t until the third in the series, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, that players started seeing the true potential of the game and its characters. 

The old man character in the first two games in the series, Metal Gear Solid 1 and Metal Gear Solid 2, was replaced by a talented but inexperienced character, Revolver Ocelot, in the Snake Eater version.

Before being nicknamed the Big Boss, he undoubtedly lacked the skills needed to overcome his old mentor but with years, he garnered enough skills and experience to overcome a fiercer rival, the Ocelot.

His numerous encounters with Ocelot and its gradual character development in subsequent versions shows what the character depicts in previous games. Its appearances in Metal Gear Solid 4 and Meta Solid V where he establishes a friendship with the Venom Snake otherwise known as Big Boss proves this.

The Ocelot character in Metal Gear Solid 3 is probably the best representation of that character. In that third series, he engages in tons of exciting and humorous exchanges with Snake. It also depicts the character as a longtime double agent.

Pokémon – Blue

Pokémon probably set the pace for gamers. Blue epitomizes what a rival should be. Blue has a goal from the inception: to show you up. Several times, Blue is called upon to do the magic and clip every player’s wings.

Irrespective of the first Pokémon character you start with, Blue is a formidable rival in the face of an unbalanced team. It is some levels above every other player. These attributes make defeating him an exciting experience.

In Pokémon Red/Blue, Blue is undoubtedly a great character. He is so great that he has elevated the Pokémon trainer into the game’s mainstay. His cockiness and dedication stand him out, making him an invincible foe.

Metal Gear Rising – Jetstream Sam

Starting from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Jetstream Sam showed that it meant business. Sam is the epitome of evil. Nevertheless, his out-of-the-world sword-fighting skills and impressive charisma put him at par with Raiden.

In your first encounter with this rival, you stand no chance of defeating him, thanks to his skills. Playing as Raiden, you are saddled with the responsibility of learning new skills and complex combat techniques of Revengeance to defeat this awesomely-endowed rival.

Raiden keeps improving as Sam pushes him to unlock his abilities, his true weapon. His gradual improvement as the story unfolds culminates in one of the best game boss fighters of the past decade.

Devil May Cry – Vergil

Vergil is a complex and unique villain. A major character in three of the Devil May Cry games, he’s the cynosure of attention whenever he graces the screen. Only Dante shares a powerful quest for power like Dante, establishing him as an amazing and formidable antagonist.

His character developed further in Devil May Cry 3. His moody attitude was the attractive element for Dante, setting the tone for some of the game’s fiercest battles. In this third sequel, he murdered a boss with weapons meant for Dante. This gave him access to some special weapons he used against his adversary in the game’s second fight.In Devil May Cry 5, his iteration led more credence to his tragic story, a taboo in gaming that developers tend to steer away from. His popularity in the series made him a mainstay in the Devil May Cry games, regardless of whether he was the plot’s main character or not. Since DMC 3, Vergil has been introduced as a playable character.

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