Plugable USBC-7IN1E

Not to be outdone by the influx for cheaply made USB-C hubs, Plugable has introduced their brand new USBC-7IN1E hub at CES 2021. This new USB-C hub is an update to their previous 7-in-1 that brings back all of the popular features of its predecessor and now features an Ethernet port for advanced connectivity plus 4K 60Hz functionality over HDMI. Easily transform one USB-C port on your laptop into 7 additional ports, connecting an HDMI monitor, 2 USB devices, a microSD and full-sized SD card, an Ethernet connection, and a USB-C pass-through port for the ability to charge your laptop all through one USB-C cable back to your laptop.

Compatibility Thrives with Updated Chipset and DisplayPort Capabilities 

Plugable USBC-7IN1E

The USBC-7IN1E uses one of the best chipsets available on the hub market to ensure universal compatibility. This new hub has lasting power and quality that others in the space lack. Users can depend on the USBC-7IN1E to work with a wide array of products, including Windows 10, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS, Android, iOS, and iPadOS systems with compatible USB-C ports. This USB-C multiport adapter was created to be a hub for everyone, letting Plugable do the work so that users can have confidence knowing the hub will work with their laptop.

With the inclusion of support for DisplayPort 1.4 (DP 1.4), the USBC-7IN1E can achieve resolutions of up to 4K 60Hz, rather than the standard 30Hz. As one of the few in the space that offers this, the new addition makes this hub the perfect solution for those workers, gamers, or creatives who need to work off of monitors at higher refresh rates and resolutions. With this, users won’t need to downgrade their monitors or peripherals in order to include the USBC-7IN1E in their workflow, as long as their system supports DP 1.4.

Connect More, Settle Less with Maximized Charging and Connectivity 

Through extensive testing, Plugable has optimized the hub to maximize your laptop’s charging while still offering full access to all port functionality. With up to 87W Power Delivery, there’s a near-perfect amount of reserved power, meaning the laptop will charge at its maximum rate with a proper power budget. With this, users will avoid overdrawing their power or voltage drops and will ensure that all ports work for the duration of their workflow.

With laptops getting thinner and losing much-needed ports, the USBC-7IN1E is perfect for those looking to connect an HDMI monitor, peripherals, USB-C power adapter, and have a wired Ethernet connection simultaneously, without having to sacrifice all of the ports on your laptop or a large amount of desk real estate. The hub’s updated design and port layout make it easy for users to use and integrate directly into their workflows, while the specs and technical design provide the things they need to feel accomplished after a stint of hard work.

The USBC-7IN1E is available at many of your favorite online retailers for $34.95

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