We review and personally buy a lot of gadgets in any given year, and even though 2020 has definitely been a tough year when it comes to the gadgets we have definitely come across a lot of tech this year as well. As the year has come to a close and all the new tech, devices, and gadgets reviews for this year are done, which item was our favorite this year. Well, the team got together, and here’s what our personal favorite items from 2020 were. Does it match up with any of your favorite devices this year? Be sure to leave a comment below and let us know what was your favorite from 2020!

Jason Anderson – Publisher

An admitted gadget head, he has been on the internet and following its trends since 1997. He sees mainstream people accessorizing technology and consumer electronics more and more every day.

Favorite Item of 2020: Google Pixel Buds

I’ve definitely used quite a few pairs of headphones and earbuds, and for 2020 more than earbuds I’ve definitely used a lot of cool gadgets this year. However, if I were to think of my favorite item from this year, it would be the Google Pixel Buds. They aren’t the ones with the longest-lasting battery of all, doesn’t have ANC, but it is a great pair of earbuds. It has good looks, good sound, and having Google assistant directly inside the earbuds is just amazing to have. This has been a recurring theme with me and my choices of devices. While hardware is important in any given device, how well or good that software is, makes for the experience you interact with on the day to day basis. Google does great software and it is reflected in their devices. This software and that direct connection to Google assistant right in my ear make this one of my favorite devices this year!

Samuel Huang – Editor In Chief

At a very young age, he’s always been interested in the technical aspects of how things work. Disassembling toys was a hobby as a child which eventually grew into a love for gadgets and electronics. These aren’t the only things though that interest him as his curiosity has blossomed into a love for other areas such as games, mobile electronics and apps, photography, geek culture, and automotive culture. 

Favorite Item of 2020: DJI Mavic Mini

DJI Mavic Mini

This year, I’ve been all over the place when it comes to gadgets and doodads. I’ve looked at everything from dashcams to headphones to robovacs so you could say I’ve had a very eye-opening year being able to check out the stuff I wouldn’t have normally checked out. Out of everything I have looked at, however, my favorite item would have to be the DJI Mavic Mini drone. While not the most advanced in their lineup, the DJI Mavic Mini is one of the smallest and lightest drones they carry that does not require registration with the FAA to fly. Being their least inexpensive model, it doesn’t skimp on features and I found my time with it to be quite enjoyable and fun. While I was sad to see it go once my time was up with it, I would definitely pick one up when the time and price is right.

Jason Million – Deputy Editor In Chief

Dealing with technology since he was a child, there was always a strong fascination that continues to this day! Seeing how technology is involved in everything we do and how it controls the present world is interesting to him. Known as the resident “tech geek” among his friends, he can always be looked upon to help in a techie situation. 

Favorite Item of 2020: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Going thru my fair share of smartphones this year, my favorite one I keep going back to is the Galaxy Z Fold 2. I just been enamored with this device. I love the 2-in-1 form factor using it as a regular smartphone and then unfolding it to present it in a tablet-esque fashion. Multitasking on it is a dream and it would be a bit quirky with some apps there is ways to work around it. It gives you new ways to be productive and also just chill out and enjoy content. Now mind you this is was also a personal purchase but a very expensive one at $1999.99(I got a sweet discount). I do not think I have a product more costly than the Z Fold 2. But I think once you use it you will love it the same way I do.

Shawn Gonsalves – Associate Editor, Gaming

He enjoys all forms of technology, from gaming, to networking, to mobile devices, to home entertainment. It was his love for the first Street Fighter video game that truly started his love for gaming. Since than he has played every version of Street Fighter that has come out.

Favorite Item of 2020: Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was my favorite of 2020. It brought back legendary characters from Black Ops 1 like Woods, Adler, and Captain Price. Along with adding new characters for players to select from, the new weapons and maps bring a different feel to the game. This can be felt the way they combine Cold War into Modern Warfare Warzone. You are able to play as the characters from Cold War in Warzone along with the weapons. You can see some gameplay on the G Style Magazine YouTube Gaming channel.

Alberto Lima – Editor, Digital Photography

Alberto is a die-hard Brooklynite with the swagger and snark to match. A part-time photographer, full-time writer-for-hire, and all-around tech nerd! If you see him on these Internets, make sure to drop a line.

Favorite Item of 2020: Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6 – Image via Apple.com

For my birthday this year, my wife gifted me the Apple Watch Series 6, the latest version of the Apple wearable. It sports an A13 Bionic SiP (the same one found in the iPhone 11), always-on Retina display, always-on altimeter, and brings new features like a Blood Oxygen sensor and additional workouts built into the fitness tracking menu. And all that is fine and good, but I didn’t realize how much I’d enjoy using this thing daily. The sign of great design is how it can seamlessly disappear into your life and the Apple Watch fits the bill. I put it on and go about my day, finding myself pleasantly surprised whenever I meet one of my modest fitness goals. I’m not a gym rat or fitness guru but being able to keep track of my general fitness is clutch and having notifications at arm’s length can be nice (though I keep nearly all notifications off). Still, if you want to improve the number of steps you take in day, walk more. An Apple Watch won’t fix your bad habits, but it might be able remind you to do better.   

So there you have it, small collection of our favorites from 2020. We’re all looking forward to what might come in 2021, and think we’re all ready to leave this year in the past. So here is to a new year of gadgets and tech!

May you all have a Happy New Year from us at G Style Magazine!