If you were lucky enough to get a PS5 you most likely have your selection of games and even headsets to rock out with. But there are those that besides gaming are willing to use their console as a media hub of sorts. While there is the option to use the included PS5 controller is it just a good idea to have their Media Remote as well?


The PS5 media remote is rather small remote control. Its sized like those that come with media stream devices you would see from the likes of Google, Roku, Apple, and NVIDIA to name a few. If you compare it to the PS4 remote its practically half the size. It has a slightly curved design that is basically shaped to fit comfortably in hand. Its color scheme matches the PS5 console and controller being mostly white with a dark navy blue border that circles the remote.

It may not look like it has as many buttons as its predecessor but realistically it has all you need. Buttons range from Volume controls, TV, Mute, Mic, Back, Menu, Play Controls, and a directional pad of sorts with enter in the middle. Sony also has four dedicated media buttons for Disney+, Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube figuring those will be the most popular apps consumers will be using. Right under these is a PS button.


This remote is like having the PS5 controller in your hands, just half as small. It can be used to power on the console and navigates the menus with ease. Those dedicated media buttons will take you directly to an app in pinch even if the console is off. Since this remote is equipped with IR it can be used to power on/off your TV and utilize the volume controls. I am using my PS5 with a VIZIO TV and have a Sonos Beam for providing audio. It controls both without issue. As mentioned earlier is a mic button but I couldn’t for the life of me get it to work with anything.

Media Consumption

While I do have a NVIDIA Shield which I do most my media consumption the PS5 has been a nice alternative thus far. More so if I am already gaming and want to jump into something else. One of the ways I like to consume content on the PS5 is via Ultra 4K Blu Rays. This is of course possible if you have the “Disc” rather than “Digital” version of the PS5. I found the remote to be pristine for play controls compared to using the PS5 controller trying to make sure I press the right buttons for controls such as pausing or changing menus.

Do You Need One?

If one of your plans is to use the PS5 as a media hub for a good amount of your content watching, then I think it the PS5 media remote would be a nice addition to your console’s accessories. Navigating and controlling media apps is tons easier with it and you do not have to worry about charging your PS5 gaming controller even so often. Pricing is bad at $30; the thing is now you just must find one. They need to continuously go out of stock like most of the other PS5 licensed accessories that have launched with it.

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