HEX x HALO ONI Sling Bag
HEX x HALO ONI Sling Bag

When HEX makes a special collection of bags, they really go all out with the detailing. This can be seen in their latest line of premium bags, the HEX x HALO Collection. These bags were designed in collaboration with Halo developer, 343 Industries as part of their rollout for Halo Infinite. There are four bags featured in this collection, but the one we’re looking at is the HEX x HALO ONI Sling which pays tribute to Halo’s ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence).

The HEX x HALO ONI Sling is a limited edition bag currently up for preorder, but will be shipping starting December 7, 2020. The ONI Sling is not a rehash of a current HEX product but a completely new design made specifically for this collection. Since this is based on HALO, you better believe that this has a ton of HALO branding on it that makes this a distinctly special product.

HEX x HALO ONI Sling Bag


For starters, the HALO ONI Sling is made of a canvas shell with a water-resistant, polyurethane coating. The bag is padded in EVA foam and the interior is lined in a soft, felt-like material. The bag is mostly all black with the interior being a shade of bluish-grey. The sling is fairly large and can accommodate everyday stuff or even camera equipment.

On the front of the bag, it features Molle military style clipping system so you can attach more stuff to it. Upfront there’s also a zippered padded pocket that can be used to hold your smartphone. On both sides are buttoned accessory pockets and at both strap corners are small, Velcro mini stash pockets.

The main compartment is very large and can fit a DSLR and extra lenses and accessories. You can also customize the position or the compartment dividers to hold other things like game controllers, headphones, a Nintendo Switch, or anything else you can think of. There really is no limit to what you can put in it.

The strap on the bag is made from surplus grade nylon and seems to be very strong, so it should hold up nicely over time. The buckle however is plastic, but it is large and looks fairly thick and solid.

Since this is a HALO collaboration product, there are tons of little HALO details all over the bag. There’s a strap on the front of the bag that has the ONI logos printed straight down it. Inside the bag, there’s also a rubber patch with the UNSC / ONI logo on it as well. All the metal buttons and rivets feature custom ONI badging as well. Lastly, you get that traditional HEX tag upfront with the HALO badging included.

HEX x HALO ONI Sling Bag


The HEX x HALO ONI Sling is a great example of how HEX isn’t afraid to create collaborations with others, even if they’re in a completely different field. The ONI Sling really shows the depth of detail HEX will go to make a custom piece for them. I love all the little HALO details that adorn the bag that you can’t fully appreciate unless you’re a HALO fan.

Aside from the design and aesthetics, the HALO ONI Sling bag is really versatile and will fit many roles. It can be used as a day bag, a camera bag, a game accessory transportation bag, or whatever else you can think of. The HEX x HALO ONI Sling is the perfect fit for any HALO fan.

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