Smartphones might not seem as if they are the best device to use for competitive gaming.

But more and more gamers are turning to smartphones as a portable and versatile way to play their favorite titles. Playing via phone rather than a more traditional home console might take a bit of getting used to but gamers are proving to be very adaptable.

Last year, mobile games already accounted for around a third of all app downloads and this figure is expected to rise further in the coming years.

It is clear mobile gaming is here to stay, so which titles are best for competitive gamers?


It is difficult to start anywhere but with Fortnite, a juggernaut in the gaming word that is increasingly popular to play on mobile devices these days.

Gamers with iPads have been able to play Fortnite at 120fps, which arguably makes this a better platform than even the PlayStation 4.

However, the key thing to point out here is that a row between Apple and Fortnite makers Epic Games has seen the title temporarily withdrawn from being available for iOS devices, but this could be settled in the near future.

Mobile Fortnite gamers have shown they are able to compete with the best players on other platforms in tournaments that allow users to enter regardless of what they use to play.

PUBG Mobile

Fortnite’s main rival is PUBG Mobile, which is another of the top smartphone games that is available for competitive gamers right now.

Millions of dollars in prize money has been dished out in mobile PUBG play. Sometimes new features are even launched in PUBG Mobile before other platforms.

The recent introduction of the PUBG Mobile EMEA League could be a sign of what the future holds for competitive mobile gaming. With 32 teams taking part in the event it was intended to be a replacement for the PUBG MOBILE Club Open regional finals.

Launched in October, $100,000 was up for grabs in prize money at the PUBG Mobile EMEA League while there were chances to scoop PUBG MOBILE Global Championship places too.

Natus Vincere won the event with World Of Wonders second and 1218 finishing in third.

Online slots

While not the same as a lot of other games, online slots might appeal due to their competitive edge and the fact they offer a chance to win big money.

Make sure to grab one of many amazing bonus codes for mobile players which will increase the value of your bucks.

Some online slots, such as progressive games like Mega Moolah, offer gigantic jackpots that provide a life-changing amount of money for those who are lucky enough to win.

Even though there might not be any skill involved in online slots, the chance to become a multi-millionaire with a single spin of the reels could tempt gamers to join online casinos.

Call of Duty: Mobile

One of the biggest video game franchises of all time is also making a splash on smartphones with Call of Duty: Mobile having become a huge smash since its launch a year ago.

There were 250 million downloads of Call of Duty: Mobile by June 2020, showing just how little time it took for the game to become one of the most popular in the business. Indeed, Call of Duty: Mobile generated $327 million in income in that period, ensuring its place among the most successful mobile game launches in history.

Like in Fortnite and PUBG, gamers who download Call of Duty: Mobile can take part in a battle royale mode with up to 100 players. 

It took time for Call of Duty to move into the elite category of esports but the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020 Tournament helped to take the game on to a whole new level.

Various awards have been dished out to Call of Duty: Mobile in the last 12 months. It was named best mobile game at the Game Awards 2019 and also claimed the best mobile game prize at the 16th British Academy Games Awards.

Call of Duty: Mobile is available on both Android and iOS devices, helping to ensure it is one of the best smartphone titles for competitive gamers right now.

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