You might a die-hard poker or slots player, online or land-based. You might see roulette as a better land-based option, as you get the communal drama of watching the wheel spin and ball fall. So, it seems there’re two main questions to answer when being asked about playing online roulette: why play roulette? and why play online roulette?

Why roulette?

Roulette is easy to play, fundamentally. Pick your bet, place your bet. Maybe you have routine or ritual that brings you luck, so you do that too. And then you watch that wheel spin and the ball go around until it falls for you or against you. It isn’t fair to say there isn’t skill involved because there are strategies – the Martingale strategy, for instance, or black-22 from Casablanca. However, there isn’t any fundamental technical knowledge of the game itself which a player would need to master. Getting into the game is quick and simple. How to play roulette really is as simple as pick your bet, place your bet. If you want to learn to strategize, you can, but if you want to bet small amounts on whims and gut instincts, you can.

Another difference between roulette, poker, and slots is who you’re playing against. In poker and slots, it’s other players and a machine. In roulette, it’s the house. This dynamic charges the bets in a different way, especially if there are people around the table. There is a deep and communal suspense. It feels very “us vs. them.” You bet for yourself, others bet for their selves – the house is the opposition. It is the most instantly climatic casino game.

Why online roulette?

The pros of roulette seem to favour land-based casinos. It is about being there, on the casino floor, with the green velvet and poker chips and the marble. Online casinos, however, can offer the same glamour in their Live Roulette. From your device, you can select a table with a living, breathing dealer, who, from a live-video-feed, will respond to you and others as you all talk in the game chat. Live Roulette holds on the social aspect and the glamour.

What is never lost is the suspense. The game is the still the game. However, there is a benefit to playing online roulette as opposed to land-based, and that is that you can play at your own pace. Land-based casinos want you to make as many bets as possible because that’s how they generate revenue. Online casinos allow you to decide when you want to play and when you want to place a bet.

Another massive benefit to online casinos is the bonus reward system. These rewards can top-up your deposit and give you more to play with, either on a whim or for your strategy bets. There are conditions, though. Expiry dates, maximum winnings limit, wagering requirements (aka playthrough requirements, this means that the bonus must be wagered the stated number of times before you’re able to withdraw winnings).

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