Being a gamer means I need to make sure I stay as healthy as possible; make sure I do push ups and jumping jacks after prolonged gaming sessions – but another factor that needs to be considered are your eyes. After all, without them how can you game? This is where Gunnar comes in, the Lightning Bolt 360 aim to give you maximum comfort, reduction with eye strain, and temple tension during extended gaming sessions. After a month of usage, I can safely say that Gunnar’s reputation proceeds them.

Now, I jumped at the chance at testing out these glasses given the amount of hours I pump into Destiny 2. I figured with a Blue Light Protection Factor (BLPF) of 65, it would indeed help reduce that much hated eye strain. Lightning Bolt 360 also comes packed with Sun Protection lens as well, and with a decent factor of 91 – you can practically stare at the sun! But….don’t do that.

Packaging and Feel

Gunnar Lightning Bolt 360 comes with replaceable nose bridges, sun & blue light lens, a strap, and temples. The packaging is surprisingly high quality, I am especially fond of the foam cushions. The most notable replacements are the temples for me, I swapped to the more flexible version as it drastically reduces strain while wearing both glasses and headset at the same time. I found that during my long gaming sessions I’d forget I even have them on. Speaking of, the amber lens can be jaunting at first with the orange-like tint, but you’d get use to them almost immediately.

Now, I don’t go out as much given the state of the world, but when I do my food runs, I wear these glasses with the sun protection lens and honestly, these are the best lens I have ever seen through. You can see the attention and care that Gunnar has placed into researching the right tint and SPF levels. Regarding the design of the glasses, I wouldn’t wear them on a day to day as I have a minimalist taste – but that doesn’t mean Gunnar doesn’t have the catalog to suit your style; their website showcases plenty of styles even for non-gamers.

Overall Quality Build

It’s very clear that Gunnar has placed careful attention in giving the user the best quality glasses for all purposes. I’ve worn them on almost all occasions; spent several hours binge watching shows (and re-watching the MCU films in chronological order with my family) playing video games in front of my computer, during food shopping and even napping. The stock temples gave me a bit of tension after a period of use, however having them off for about 15mins relieved me and I was able to resume for another long session of whatever I was doing. However, the one with the metal frame gave no fatigue at all during my use and that is exactly what I needed. You can also expect the frame of the glasses to be of top quality as well.

Flexible Temple Option helps with relieving tension upon use.

I highly recommend these to anyone who are planning on streaming for hours or even just want to have a serious competitive edge. These are premium glasses so that means it won’t be as cheap as you’d want them to be, however it’s worth your investment if you are that sort of person. It is very comfortable for everyday use, but the design of these glasses in particular doesn’t fit with every day style. With all that being said, Gunnar Lightning Bolt 360 indeed helped with reducing fatigue and I look forward to using more of it.

You can find the Gunnar Lightning Bolt 360 here for $129.99

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