These days, smartwatches are the most popular wearables and will remain so. Experts predict a 60% growth of the market by 2022. A lot of people have a smartwatch on their wrists and utilize them everywhere. If you have any doubts and don’t know if it is a useful device or a hyped product, keep reading the post and examine the seven reasons to purchase a smartwatch.


The average smartphone of a US-citizen receives 46 push-notifications a day. It means that everyone in the US checks their smartphone at least 46 times. That’s insane! Because of this reason, a lot of people buy smartwatches. 

This small device shows all the notifications that people receive on a wrist. Thereupon, people shouldn’t take their smartphones out from pockets or bags, unlock, and check notifications.

Moreover, some smartwatches offer the ability to reply to messages received on the phone. It helps utilize them more convenient and warranted.

For instance, if your friend asks you late at night, if you know any services to order a paper online, you can merely send him the PaperHelp link through your smartwatch, lying in bed.


For sure, it’s much easier to navigate by watching on your wrist than holding a smartphone in your hand. Modern models of smartwatches help navigate by sending notification and showing where you need to turn. It is super convenient. Also, they can display an entire map on your wrist, so that you’ll be able to cut your path, if possible. 

Fitness Tracking

The second popular feature of smartwatches is fitness assistance. Modern models are equipped with advanced technology that helps keep an eye on our health thoroughly. 

Purchasing a smartwatch with an inbuilt GPS-module, you can go running in the park without your phone. The watch will track your route, distance, and average speed. It is very convenient and allows people to track the progress. 

Advanced smartwatches have dozens of sports programs that imply running, cycling, stairs stepping, yoga, swimming, and others. Yeah, some models are waterproof and can track the number of passed steps.

Also, most smartwatches can measure pulse and send detailed reports to monitor our health. This feature is also widely used in smartwatches to track the night’s sleep. Consequently, you can monitor how you sleep. Detailed reports imply even the light and deep sleep phases.

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Media Controls

People like using smartwatches because of the ability to control their media over a small device on a wrist. For instance, if you listen to music on a paired smartphone, you can easily change tracks, volume, and switch albums.

If your smartwatch is in one ecosystem with other devices in your home, you can control media on your TV, smart speaker, or computer by tapping on a screen that is tied over your wrist. 

Contactless Payments

It’s hard to impress people with the ability to pay contactless these days. Almost everyone has a smartphone or a credit card with the NFC-chip that helps make contactless payments. 

However, having a smartwatch with this small chip makes it even more convenient to pay. Just imagine, there is no need to put your smartphone out of a pocket to pay in a grocery store or on a bus. Merely choose a credit card on your wrist and bring it to a payment terminal.

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Phone Calls over Smartwatch

A lot of smartwatches notify users about incoming calls and offer the ability to decline a call. However, the most advanced models bring the ability to answer calls by using a smartwatch. 

It can be extremely helpful in particular situations. For instance, when you receive an incoming call, running in a gym and don’t have access to your smartphone. Without a smartwatch, you would need to stop a running track, get your phone and answer the call. 

Using a smartwatch, you can accept the call by bringing your watch to your mouth and talking with no fuss.


Smartwatches can not only show notification and monitor your health. Some models can save their users’ lives. If a smartwatch detects an accident, it asks a user if he or she needs help. If so, a user can make a call to emergency services by using a smartwatch. 

Moreover, in such a case, it sends a message to the listed contacts, sharing your location, and asking for help. Also, it can display your medical ID. These are very helpful features that save a lot of lives because sometimes people even can’t bring their smartphones and call for help in the case of an accident.  

And Yeah, They Still Show Time

Even though modern smartwatches are full of helpful features, they still show time. One great feature that makes them better than classic watches is the large number of watch faces to change according to your mood and or event.

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