When it comes to competitive gaming, companies like Razer, Corsair and Logitech design premium mice and keyboards to match high performance, usually at high price tags. One that stands out to me when it comes to precision, design and accuracy is Glorious PC Gaming Race. They specialize in bringing top tier quality at a cost much more affordable than branded accessories. Today I will be talking about the Glorious Model D- gaming mouse, designed for medium and small hands, this mouse showcases some incredible performance.

Presentation | Stylish and Light

As previously mentioned, there are several models for different hand sizes; D – is specifically designed for people with medium to small hands, and surprisingly it wasn’t too bad on my large hands. It has the usual left and right mouse clicks, a clickable scroll wheel, 2 side buttons and a programmable center button. Model D- comes in a honeycomb shell weighing at 61 grams, giving less strain to the user which benefits after long play sessions. Speaking of long sessions, each Glorious mouse is embedded with premium G Skates Mouse Feet for optimal snag reduction on mouse pads. The multi-threaded cord helps reduce strain on the wires as well – its also very flexible. Overall, I love the look and feel of this mouse, it has a premium design with a price tag that is $49.99 – you’d be hard bent not to get this.

Performance | Click and Precise

As some of you may know, I mainly play Destiny 2 and that means I need to have the best mouse for my play style. Lately I’ve played Valorant as well, just to change the pace and improve my aiming just a tad bit more, and Glorious has made that process far easier for me.

With up to 12,000 DPI, the mouse-specific Glorious software helps with personalizing your RGB lighting and DPI configuration. Glorious Model D- has a lifespan of 20 million clicks, Pixart 3360 sensor with the specs of 1000hz polling rate, no spinouts and less than 0.7 liftoff distance. Basically, its incredibly precise and I vouch for that; I can not stress enough how delightful this mouse feels, migrating from console to PC was terrifying as competition is fierce and I never even walked on MnK let alone compete. I needed something that would give me an edge, and Glorious mouse has done that. I saw an immediate improvement on my PVP stats in Destiny 2.

If you are looking to upgrade your mouse into something that is premium looking as well as ultra-accurate, look no further than the Glorious Model D- (or O depending on your hand size). It is sleek and it is powerful.

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