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Remove Distractions and Leverage your Odds at Online Poker

Who would’ve thought finding money online, via gambling and online games, could essentially be harder than doing it physically? The challenges, as you may already be aware, do not come in how the game operates online. Like other activities that require total attention on your part, playing poker around a bunch of rowdy and hyped up players is quite distracting. However, the same game played online requires that certain aspects of your environment are sorted prior to making a move

Let’s learn more about these peeves that will have you weave in and out of your room, and away from the game

The Overall Climate

If you are planning to engage in some online poker, you need to pay attention to moves, both on flashing of cards, or body movements. This can only be achieved while paying 100 percent attention to what is happening on your screen. Factors such as kids playing around you, or workers banging on the floor above your apartment will not facilitate a win on your part.  If you have to be astir, checking if windows are open or if the air conditioning settings were tampered with, it is inevitable that you will lose out on potential wins.

 Quiet environments help with concentration

Your Mental State

Like everything requiring utmost concentration, your state of mind as you play online poker is of huge importance. The game requires that you make quick decisions, based on one or two moves by other players. When the need to make a quick second decision arises, the mind has to be engrossed solely on the game. Wondering if you paid your internet subscription while you make major moves (online), is not particularly helpful.


Playing online poker on an armchair that is falling apart is not only uncomfortable, it requires you to reset- and re-seat yourself every so often. This is annoying but it also distracts you from playing the right hand in your poker game. Find an armchair that is comfortable, but play close attention to the table you are using, or the placement of your laptop. Some players choose to lie on their bed because it’s relaxing, or to place the laptop on their lap while sitting on the floor. If you have the next move and the laptop slipped from your lap, it is very likely you’ll inadvertently select a devastating option for your card game.

Devices Used

Playing poke on a laptop or desktop with a large screen presents a number of advantages.

·        You are bound to clearly see the moves being made on a large screen than you are on your phone. Using a smartphone may be good for messaging, but properly selecting icons is better achieved on a computer.

·        Prepare your device well. You wouldn’t begin an important conversation on your phone if you had a dying battery now would you? The same applies for online poker games. That crucial moment when you decide if the ante is up, and you need to fold, or keep playing, will spring up as your laptop beeps RECHARGE NEEDED! Therefore, being adequately prepared means more than simply your mental being.

    CREATE your perfect Setting

Imagine that you were studying for a crucial exam. Many people take time to select music that is not distractive. Rather, the music may provide a serene and conducive environment for them to think through their moves. Jazz, soul or even hip hop music brings out creativity and jogs the mind better than most people think. It may be an annoyance and distraction for some, but one person’s Achilles heel is another’s power. There are other points to ponder while creating your perfect setting

 Music can help set the right mood for concentration

·        While you are using your laptop, the phone may be on and ready to ring at any given moment. Neighbors who pop in any time need to be aware that you sometimes have important stuff to attend during this time. Let them know in advance that you will not be free on phone, or physically, say from around 6p.m.

·        Find a place with decent lighting. Avoid dingy rooms in the name of creating a quiet setting. You lose a lot of concentration power when your working environment is poorly lit.

 Phone messages/calls= poor concentration

Finding the perfect environment or creating one is tantamount to a decent game of online poker. If you cannot find a good setting to play in, at least ensure that you are not playing for money. Practice runs on your pc for online poker games are excellent, but when money is involved, find peace.

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