We all know what JBL does when it comes to audio. They make types of audio gear from headphones to speakers. It’s not until recently that JBL decided to put some skin in the game and dive head first into the world of PC gaming audio.

Getting headphones right for gaming community is tricky. Gamers require so much. Comfort, different sound profiles, look, in some cases RGB and price. With so much to consider did JBL get this right for their first time? Yes and No.


The design of any pair of headphones is generally going to be the draw when you decide to drop your money down on a pair and for gamers this particularly true.

JBL’s Quantum 800’s look pretty damn good. They’re what you wanna see with gaming headphones. Big logos, RGB, big comfy earcups, quick access mic, all the bells and whistles. They are well designed in terms of the look. They have a clean matte finish, well placed mic and buttons and overall these headphones look clean.

The earcups on the Quantum 800’s are soft and comfortable due to that memory foam. They’ll give you a solid and snug fit without being tight and ultimately giving you a headache. If you wear glasses like me then these headphones won’t give you any issues. I personally find this to be huge with gaming headphones. So glad that JBL made these comfortable enough to be used with glasses.

The headband is comfy and has some nice cushion and a little give when you put them on so they’re not pushing down on your head. I got plenty of play time hours with these headphones and no real discomfort and that goes a long way. It’s kind of a dealbreaker for me with headphones if they hurt after extended periods.

The Quantum 800’s come with accessories for a wired connection even though you can also use these headphones via bluetooth. I personally prefer my connection wired because I always find that the sound is more consistent not to mention I hate charging headphones but it’s nice that JBL gave us the option. The wired cable is a really long 10ft cable (I’m assuming) which I love and a USB dongle. The Quantum 800’s also support bluetooth 5.0 which means it’s up to current standard and it works with your phone and your PC if it supports it. Again, JBL gives you options with the Quantum 800’s.


I want to start off this part of the review by saying I’m genuinely not a fan of gaming peripheral software. There’s always something missing and I tend to find them a bit convoluted at times BUT I will always remain objective. With JBL’s Quantum Engine software it’s much of the same as I’m used to it. The software looks clean and it is overall helpful. You can do much of the typical things like program the RGB to create custom color patterns, adjust lighting brightness and speed. As far the sound, you can use the presets or create your own custom sound profile. You can toggle the QuantumSurround off/on and tailor your Quantum 800’s as much as the software allows. It’s nothing too crazy. It just does what it does.

I’ll never be too critical of peripheral software mostly because JBL’s software is just as new as the Quantum 800’s and JBL will better refine this later on.


The Quantum 800’s do NOT lack in technology. There’s a reason why these headphones sound as good as they do. Those big 50mm drivers, fairly lightweight build and that ANC all help make your game play intimate yet loud and clear. Take a look at what’s in these cans and see for yourself why they’re such good quality.


Drivers: 50 mm

Weight: 410 g

Audio Specs

Frequency response (Passive) 20 Hz – 40 kHz

Frequency response (Active)20 Hz – 20 kHz

Microphone frequency response100 Hz – 10 kHz

Max input power 30m

WSensitivity95 dB SPL @1 kHz / 1mWMaximum SPL93 dB

Microphone sensitivity-40 dBV @1 kHz


Sound on the JBL Quantum 800’s is it’s strongest point. These headphones sound incredible in my view. The ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) on the Quantum 800’s do a very good job isolating outside noise and making your game play a very intimate experience. The mids are clear, the bass thumps and if you’re playing an intense action game like COD or in my case Destiny 2 this is exactly what you need. Quantum Surround is a good feature for your media if you’re into the whole feeling of movie theater like effect. Sound profiles can be tailored in the Quantum Engine software to improve on your overall experience.

The mic on the Quantum 800’s is also very good. I loved how clear it was and I appreciated how much I sounded like myself when I would talk into the mic. I do wish that this mic was removable so I don’t have to deal with the anxiety of speaking too loudly because I think the other party can’t hear me. I actually like being able to move my mic because it’s adjustable to where I feel most comfortable as opposed to it being fixed. Within the software you can change the sensitivity of mic which is a plus so there’s that.


So, what’s the final verdict on the JBL Quantum 800’s? Are they a worthy pickup? Yes and no. Yes, because the Quantum 800’s check off all the boxes for a solid set of gaming headphones. They have great sound for your music and games, a very good mic and they’re not bad looking, although JBL should work on making them look and feel a lot more premium. The only real thing that stood out to me with the Quantum 800’s is the price. These headphones should be $50 cheaper. I personally find it hard to recommend these gaming cans to somebody at $200. I just don’t see it for what the Quantum 800’s are. Not yet.

All things considered, I do really like these headphones. They are solid. I think some refinements in the software down the road, some more premium looking materials in the next version of these headphones and I can easily say buy these. But there are headphones out right now that you can get that look and feel premium while giving you similar sound for much less. If you must have a pair of these headphones minus the small nitpicks that I mentioned in this review then you can head over to Amazon and grab a set HERE

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