After just 2 months of the PS5 design reveal, PlayStation streams their latest State of Play with news about PS4/PS5 games. Here are highlights of what was shared via State of Play.

PlayStation 4

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time | Oct. 2nd 2020 – Crash is back in this direct sequel. You’ll be able to play with a slew of new characters as well as a new key feature called Inverted Mode; this mode is a supped up mirror mode with the ability to change the whole aesthetic of the game entirely. Should help with replay value for the completionist.

Hitman 3 VR Mode | Jan. 2021 – Agent 47 is not playable through the entire campaign in VR mode. We see him approaching a target in a luxurious bathroom before performing is signature rope kill.

Braid Anniversary Edition | 2021 – Longtime fans should find delight in this hand-repainted definitive edition with in-depth commentary on its whole development cycle.

Spelunky 2 | Sept 15th – Developed with the community in mind, Spelunky is promising to be the most robust yet with dense multiplayer fun!

Genshin Impact | Autumn 2020 – an open-world RPG setting you out to on an adventure!

AEON Must Die | 2021 – This action adventure beat’em up is shaping to be one artistic looking fun!

Star Wars Vadar Immortal | Aug 25th – Wield the power of the Jedi as you slice and dice your way through foes with your own Lightsaber!

Control AWE | Aug. 25th, 2020 – We may not have an Alan Wake 2, but with this expansion, it looks like we will be diving deep into his world – It’s a very cool concept and I can’t wait to play it.

The Pedestrian | Jan. 2021 – play as a stick figure as you figure your way through some complex environmental puzzles in order to progress.

PlayStation 5

The Pathless | Holiday 2020 – play as an archer through this open world mythic adventure game, facing large beast to tame.

Bugsnax | Holiday 2020 – From the makers of Octodad comes a strange game where you eat bugs….I guess.

Hood: Outlaws and Legend |2021 – A multiplayer game set in a medieval setting. Fight your way to victory!

TemTem | 2021 – Creature taming open world RPG ga….ok it’s a Pokemon-clone stylized in MMO fashion. I backed it a while ago, and it is good, can’t wait to play on the PS5.

Godfall | Holiday 2020 – 3-player co-op looter slasher. Fight through tough enemies and earn loot in the process. Gearbox is promising deep dive into their RPG elements in a later date.

This concludes State of Play – an underwhelming stream that showcased games which, to me, weren’t exciting. From what we gathered though, this is one of many State of Plays in the coming months, so stay tuned.

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