BenQ, my personal gaming monitor of choice is currently offering a great deal on one of their high end, high refresh rate gaming monitors. The EX2780Q offers a larger-than-life experience for gamers with BenQ’s exclusive HDRi technology to enhance screen content and imagery while protecting your eyes. Along with FreeSync and 144Hz refresh rate for smoother gaming, the monitor also includes accessibility features like a remote control, 5-key navigator and a volume wheel on the monitor, along with 2.1 channel sound.

This is one of the best gaming monitors that BenQ has to offer and for the reminder of this month you can and should take advantage of the opportunity. You can go straight to BenQ’s website and pick one up HERE. This monitor is normally priced at $599 but you can pick it up now at $449. Some will consider this monitor pricey but if you consider build quality, 1440p native resolution, screen, aesthetic, remote control, the BenQ name and ease of use. It’s worth the cost as I see it. BenQ does not cut corners on quality so take a look at it, love it, buy one.

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