Despite a lot of stay at home orders lifting over the past few weeks, Covid-19 isn’t going away. In fact, there have been huge spikes recently which may cause many of you to stay away from popular public places such as gyms. So how is one to stay fit if they can’t hit the gym? Simple. The Hyfit Gear 1 is a portable and versatile smart workout system built for stay at home warriors.

The Gear 1 features two connected performance resistance bands with adjusters, two ergonomic handles, two sets of ultra-comfortable wrist and ankle bands and door anchor, and state-of-the-art sensor technology that tracks more than 20 points of data during a single workout. 

The unique tension cord design, when combined with the Hyfit Gear app, offers access to a multifaceted experience, combining aerobic exercises with strength training, providing a versatile personal gym in a small, transportable package for working out anywhere.  

Innovative Sensors Inside
Gear 1’s accurate sensors, the first-ever in a resistance band system, measure 20+ distinct data points, providing a real-time look at workout progress. The sensors combine accelerometer readings with analysis of power, force, repetitions, duration, active and rest time, smoothless, weight, and more. 

Hyfit Gear App
The Hyfit Gear app for iOS and Android provides real time training for any fitness level, and integrates with the state-of-the-art sensors to provide a dashboard of your workout progress and routines. A range of versatile professional workouts, from core strengthening exercises, full-body workouts to high-energy HIIT programs, are created by specialized trainers and organized into three distinct difficulty levels, helping guide people as they strive to achieve their fitness goals.

Hyfit Gear 1 is available for purchase online for $299.00 and is now shipping worldwide. To learn more about Hyfit and Gear 1, visit

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