Accell Power
Accell Power

I’m always on the lookout for new power solutions that may help me de-clutter my nest of cables and charging blocks so when I see products that combines many of these things into one, I need to check it out. Enter the Accel Power – Wireless Charge Pad which includes built in five USB ports and 2 AC Outlets. All this fits into a compact all-in-one charging station.

I’ll start this off with the obvious. This isn’t that pretty looking and I would say isn’t really meant to be sitting on your nightstand. Instead, this device is more suited in an office environment, as the design is more utilitarian and functional than anything. What is neat here is that the power cord for this thing can be adjusted 90-degrees in case you need to adjust orientation and the cable itself is quite long at 8-feet.

On top, we have a wireless charging pad which is Qi compatible (1.1.2 Standard). Just place your wireless charging device on top of it and a blue LED light will come on indicating that charging has begun. One one side., there are five USB-A ports suitable for Apple, Android and general devices that require a USB charging port. On an adjacent side, there are two standard 110V AC outlets in case you need to charge or power something that requires this. Again, it’s a very functional, all-in-one design that should be able to handle all your power and charging needs.

Accell Power

Lastly, there is a little tray that pops out the side that can be used as a stand for your mobile devices or tablets. There’s also an adapter included that will allow you to hold three devices upright.

There isn’t much more to say about the Accel Power – Wireless Charge Pad other than the fact that it works. It does what it sets out to do as a compact all-in-one power solution for your desk and it does a pretty good job of keeping things tidy. This would look great in any home office environment or if we get a little creative, even in a gaming environment where you might need several extra accessories powered or charging at the same time. It’s usage is only limited by your imagination.

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