Adonit V-Grip
Adonit V-Grip

The Adonit V-Grip is a 7-in-1 multi-functional camera grip for your smartphone. It’s a combination of many gadgets in one, many of which you probably already use. That means carrying one Adonit V-Grip is like carrying 7 other gadgets, but in a much more compact design.

So what seven gadgets does the Adonit V-Grip replace and include? Well, it can be a selfie stick, a camera grip, a multi-angle phone stand, has a tripod mount, a cold shoe mount, a remote shutter button, and a wrist strap hole.

Adonit V-Grip

Let’s start off with the stuff that’s actually useful. The camera grip and the selfie stick are the most obvious. The phone holder itself will accommodate a wide range of smartphones. It’s even able to fit my LG V60 ThinQ with a case on it and that is not a small phone. The spring mechanism for the mount sizing seems quite strong and sturdy so you should have no issues with durability. There are rubber grips on the mounts too for extra grip and sturdiness.

When using the Adonit V-Grip as a camera grip, it does make the phone a bit more comfortable to use as a camera. The front grip itself could be a tiny bit more ergonomic with more finger indents, but it’s not bad.

Adonit V-Grip

In camera grip mode, it’s a simple process to get into selfie stick mode. All you have to do is push down on the front part of the grip and it’ll turn into a selfie stick. It elongates to a little longer than 1.5 ft.

It’s also not that hard to turn the V-Grip into a phone stand. Just pull the grip down again like before, but this time just about halfway and then lift out from the bottom to create a T-shape. This allows you to prop your phone up and also angle it in different positions.

The other features are mostly just extras. There’s a cold show mount so you can mount things like LED lights, or microphones. There’s a 1/4″ standard screw mount at the bottom for tripods. There’s also a removable Bluetooth button you can use to remotely control your camera app.

For the most part, everything works pretty well with the Adonit V-Grip. Build quality is quite good and it’s very simple to use.  This isn’t the first time I’ve looked at a gadget like this, but this is the best of the bunch so far. Even though this one too is made mostly of plastic, there’s good weight to it and it feels very solid. There’s nothing cheap feeling about this.

Adonit V-Grip

The Adonit V-Grip is the perfect accessory for photography lovers who mainly use their smartphones to capture images. Like I stated above, this little gadget replaces so many other gadgets and combines them into that fits into your pocket. At $35, this is a fair price for something that can do so much.

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